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  1. Minelab wireless headphone ml80 question

    Alright ill try. I have an s10 plus so maybe I can figure it out
  2. Minelab wireless headphone ml80 question

    Can these be paired to your phone without being paired to the detector? I want to use them as only headphones with my phone but they won't pair or even be recognized. Thanks everyone
  3. Great foreign coin haul today.

    I did my research late last night after I posted them here. Its not to often I have coins I can't figure out. I jumped the gun putting them here before researching. Trust me tho, anything else I need help id'ing I post here
  4. Great foreign coin haul today.

    Thanks don. Seems like you know your stuff lol. That was a chucky chez token. I actually looked them up last night and although some are old non are worth all that much.
  5. Great foreign coin haul today.

    I went to the rye patch nugget shoot today and this is what I found. I also won some prizes. Haha it was awesome. If anyone knows anything about these coins I would love to hear about it. Thanks.
  6. Oldest and best find so far. 1865 seated liberty dime.

    I've always wanted to find a barber. I figured seated was out of the question.
  7. Oldest and best find so far. 1865 seated liberty dime.

    I'm just happy its 1800s. Thats pretty awesome
  8. Oldest and best find so far. 1865 seated liberty dime.

    I studied it pretty hard and couldn't find an "S"
  9. Oldest and best find so far. 1865 seated liberty dime.

    I'll sell you this one haha
  10. Oldest and best find so far. 1865 seated liberty dime.

    Finally got to a spot I've wanted to hit for a year. It did not disappoint.
  11. Heading home

    Alright thanks I'll check it out. I'm not sure what to expect as far as gold type I'm expecting to find in NC. I know I'm not interested in flour gold. Thats too hard to manage
  12. How many lbs. magnet to buy?

    I use a 3600 dbl sided. Can't throw it as far but it sticks to everything it touches
  13. Heading home

    I'll be back in western North carolina in a few months. Anyone out there have any experience with the area? I don't need locations just curious about some finds. I wanna look for old relics and do some prospecting. I have a YouTube channel that I will be uploading videos on the whole time I'm...
  14. Question for the pros

    I bought the keene a51 with the high low mat. Its a pain to hike in a few miles and set up solo bit its a lot better than my last one
  15. Need some advice.

    Thank you. This was very helpful. I will look into that matting for sure. Im now considering buying a bigger sluice that has a wider opening and a bit longer than the one i already have.
  16. Need some advice.

    Im just gonna use the rubber. My sluice is actually pretty small too. I was thinking to get a bigger one but its a 2 mile hike in for me and a huge sluice would be hard to carry that far
  17. Question for the pros

    Im thinking to just put the rubber mat under the riffles.
  18. Clay

    How bad is clay to run through a sluice? Is there a certian way to break it up before going through? I ran a whole bucket of clay and came up with one speck. Wondering if it was because clay pulled it out as it rolled through.
  19. Need some advice.

    I was actually just wanting to put the mat under the riffles and grate. I wouldnt have the space for the rubber and the moss. My locking bolt is too short. I can always see the gold in the ribbed matting and am brand new to the moss. I ran a bucket through the sluice and came up dry with the...
  20. Question for the pros

    Do you think i would even need the moss if the mat was in there under the ridged metal and grate? Im not sure i would be able to secure the metals. Its already to tight with the moss and metal.