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  1. Advice Looking For Gold Bracelet On A Golf Course Needed Using Equinox 800

    Any chance of trying your detector on it now. Would be nice to know what it would read. I helped out one of my wife’s friends to find a gold band in a small area and it was like shooting fish in a barrel with the Equinox. Bracelets can be difficult based on thickness, pendants, and clasps.
  2. Equinox in all metal mode....

    I run the equinox in all metal mode, park 2, recovery=4, FE=0, sensitivity= 20 or 21. I just turn down the iron sound to level 3. Can still hear the iron but not overwhelming. Since I live in Canada this is the only way to find our new coins, but also allows you to adjust your recovery speed...
  3. How to properly measure bullets.

    1 gram = 15.4324 grains
  4. How to properly measure bullets.

    Reloading scales are all in grains. Or you could convert grams to grains. Your best bet would be to pick up a reloading book as they generally have all the calibers and grains listed. The ABCs for reloading would be a good one to start with.
  5. wireless metal detection

    The equinox 800 headset is low latency Bluetooth.
  6. wireless metal detection

    You can’t connect a z-lync propointer with blue tooth. I have the equinox 800 and the z-lynx pro-pointer as I used to have an AT Max. The pro-pointer has 6 settings. 3 levels of sensitivity with audible sound directly from the pointer and 3 that are vibrate only.
  7. 600 vs 800

    My apologies, I read your post as what are the main differences and not that you already know them.
  8. 600 vs 800

    Differences 800 has higher settings for recovery (7 and 8)so should work better in heavy metal areas, 600 has max setting of 3 that is equivalent to 6 on the 800. The 600 recovery settings are multiplied by 2 to match the 800. So essentially the equinox 800 should go deeper due to the number...
  9. Equinox 800 - thick versus thin metal

    Thanks for the reply Armstrong. I was wondering if the Equinox would ring as solid sounding on different thickness of the same metal. From your answer I believe it will but at a different lower tone (50 tone). Therefore, you will not know until you dig the item. I find air testing does not...
  10. Equinox 800 - thick versus thin metal

    I just recently picked up an Equinox 800. It is currently winter so I can only use it in my test garden but so far am really liking it. I do have one question though, can you tell if the metal is thick or thin? My definition of thick is the thickness of a penny and thin would be like 1/4 or...
  11. Garret AT Pro - general metal detecting questions

    Hi Shiloh, I saved this a while ago but have not made it back to any salt water areas since the pandemic started. Try this, 1. Press and hold the power button (to do factory reset) 2. Lower sensitivity 3 notches down from maximum. 3. Select Zero mode. 4 Set Iron Disc. to 43 5. Set...
  12. New to Metal Detecting... is my AT Max working correctly?

    Mine would randomly freak out and then work properly for a while. It took a while to figure out but there was a short in the wire to the coil, close to the thread on connector to the control box. When I took it to the Garrett dealer they sent the coil in for replacement. Worked perfect ever...
  13. AT MAX Setting Tips??

    I like to run mine in zero mode, iron set at zero with the iron audio on. This does reduce the machine to a 2 tone but easy to switch between iron audio on and off. The reason that I do this is to investigate each find. I will also set up the custom mode with nothing notched out and the iron...
  14. Using ground flags/stakes to mark targets

    I second the coloured golf tees. Use Green for good, orange for sounds good but not solid signal, and pink for probably not worth it but depends on how much I want to dig. Although it would depend on your terrain as I have picked up the little flags on wire for deeper grass.
  15. XP ORX as a second of primary detector to a Garret AT Max

    Thanks for the responses! Irishgoldhound’s response was exactly why I am looking at the XP ORX. I think this will be my next detector. I also would be getting the underwater kit. I was concerned that the videos online were exaggerated on depth. Not used to a 9” coil getting those depths. I...
  16. XP ORX as a second of primary detector to a Garret AT Max

    I have been running a Garrett AT Pro which I still have and now my primary is a Garrett AT Max. I like both machines. The Pro got me addicted to metal detecting and the Max required a bit of getting used to but it works really good for me now. I am thinking about selling the Pro as it does not...