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  1. California Roll Call

    Hey folks let's get a roll call started. Where are you from and what kind of hunting are you into?
  2. Dayton area

    I have friends with around 1000 acres out in Dayton that I could likely get permission from to detect on. Part of the property contains an old graveyard with a handful of old headstones that are unfortunately too aged and weathered to read and in the middle of the woods on the property. If I had...
  3. Bay Area Buddies

    Howdy folks, I moved to the Bay Area last year. New to detecting, the area, and the forum :hello2:. Looking for buddies to chat and trade history and leads/tips with. I will mostly be working the East Bay but travel all around the bay area fairly regularly. I also spend some amounts of time...
  4. New to the hobby in the Bay Area, CA

    Always wanted to get into the hobby but always had trouble finding the time. I finally have found the time and can't wait to get out and start digging. I got a screaming deal on a new Fisher F5 as they have apparently been discontinued recently and am anxiously waiting for it to get here next...