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  1. What is Your Favorite Movie Scene? Post It Baby!

    "Skin that one Pilgrim and I'll bring ya another"
  2. What is Your Favorite Movie Scene? Post It Baby!

    Catch 22 great movie for sure
  3. What is Your Favorite Movie Scene? Post It Baby!

    I know it's not a movie but I just had to post this. Reiner says this entire scene was improv..
  4. What is Your Favorite Movie Scene? Post It Baby!

    From One flew over the cuckoos nest "famous" Dr Scanlon..
  5. Old button-crossed cannons

    Good call, your right its a collar disc. Thanks for the I.D !
  6. Old button-crossed cannons

    Recent find, slightly larger than a U.S quarter. Crossed cannons. Nothing on the back except for the mark where the attachment loop was broken off
  7. Dirty Deeds! Worst Trick You Played on Detecting Partner

    It's different when your hunting partner is your best friend. Nobody is going to get angry, its all in good fun. Now if i was hunting with someone I just met I would not be pulling tricks {yet} ;}
  8. Dirty Deeds! Worst Trick You Played on Detecting Partner

    I get my buddy every time. Let him walk in front of me as I toss fake gold coins, immitation spanish pieces of eight and cheap costume jewelry rings over his head . they normally land 20 feet out in front of him, works every time . I once buried a massive pile of junk jewelry on the beach...
  9. me

    Ok Ok here's the real me
  10. me

  11. me

    Lol they don't. Classic selfie taken in front of a mirror ;}
  12. Western Massachusetts Cellar holes: another newbie question.

    Cellar holes are a great place to hunt. True, probably pounded hard by others but ya never know. It only takes one square inch to find an old coin which can be easily missed by others. I like hunting the outskirts of cellar holes it normally produces much more besides junk. I've revisited the...
  13. me

    Me and my trusty Minelab Safari
  14. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help Identify ammo

    UMC stands for Union metallic cartridge company, founded in 1867. They later merged with Remington arms in Bridgeport CT
  15. ✅ SOLVED Cannot for the life of me...

    If it's shiny underneath when scratched with a nail I'd say definitely lead
  16. ✅ SOLVED Cannot for the life of me...

    The rock kind of resembles soapstone. Can it be easily marked or etched with a nail ?? Are you sure its not lead? The top opening/hole view looking down seems awfully strange to have opening shapes like that
  17. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help with a Stanley tools part

    Just a guess but maybe part of an old Stanley plane. They made hundreds of models
  18. Recent find

    Hi all, just found this a week ago. Can anyone help with an I.D? Found in CT, along river, seems to be made from a basalt type stone? Dewart stemmed maybe? Measures 1 3/4" long
  19. Rolled lead - fishing sinker? Can it be dated?

    It looks very much like the sinker here
  20. Seated dime

    Not found today but about 4 weeks ago. She's a bit worn but not bad. The Safari always has that distinctive scream when over an old silver coin.