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  1. My Favorite Gold Coin

    Here is my coin. Turkish Ottoman 1908 22K coin found in the water.
  2. 🥇 BANNER My Best Water Hunt 1804 AN12 A Napoleon Bonaparte Gold Coin Encircled in 14k Pendant

    Great find. That must have given you an extra 2 to 3 hours of hunting energy.
  3. How To Find More Gold & Silver With Greater Consistency

    Really enjoyed your videos. So true! This will help others just starting out with the hobby.
  4. 💵 FOR SALE Garrett AT MAX - Open Box

    New Price $575. Free Shipping.
  5. IMG 0303

    IMG 0303

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    IMG 0235

  7. IMG 0327 (1)

    IMG 0327 (1)

  8. IMG 0206

    IMG 0206

  9. Finds For 2021

    Finds For 2021

    This is a few of my finds for 2021 It has been a good year so far all considered
  10. IMG 0475

    IMG 0475

  11. IMG 0473 (2)

    IMG 0473 (2)

  12. IMG 0477

    IMG 0477

  13. Need basic beach detecting 101 help

    The saltwater question is the best question of all. You will be stuck in the dry sand looking for targets if your detector isn't saltwater compatible. I started with the Whites Prism 4 detector and when I approached the saltwater it went nuts. Now I have the right equipment. Take that into...
  14. Treasure Coast Metal Detectors is a Supporting Vendor!

    Thank you. I got into the business to promote this hobby and do all I can to make people successful by selling them what they need and never trying to upsell them. I also help them by meeting with them if they are in my area to help them get started doing it the right way. I see you were at...
  15. 💵 FOR SALE Garrett AT MAX - Open Box

    I have a Garrett AT MAX that comes with the AT pinpointer & Garrett Hat. A customer used it three times and returned it because he wanted to beach detect. It is in perfect condition and still under warranty. Price is $650.00 Free Shipping. if your interested PM me with your name, address, and...
  16. First 5 Water Hunts of the Summer

    That Should read electronics cigarettes instead of cabs.
  17. First 5 Water Hunts of the Summer

    Be very careful with the caps? My friend had one short out and catch on fire in his pouch in the water. we do not pick them up anymore and carry them in our pouch and we try to throw them on shore when we are in the water.. Congrats on the nice finds.
  18. Quest Q60 Waterproof Detector

    I have the MInelab 800 and yes you can't beat that detector unless you go to the CTX. I would just like to hear from anyone who has used the Quest Q60 and their thoughts on this detector. It gets good reviews. Thanks for your input.
  19. Quest Q60 Waterproof Detector

    Quest has released the Q60 detector and I am curious if anyone has used it and what they think of it? How does it perform on the beach or land?