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  1. Lake Mead and Lake Powell

    I might have missed it somewhere but is there a thread on Lake Mead and/or Lake Powell? I see news on barrels with bodies, slot machines, boats and airplanes.......anything of note from our T'Net brethren? If there is a thread please point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  2. ✅ SOLVED Ashtray? Train related?

    Not dug but found in an old shed with early train/railroad related items. It's hinged and cast meta. Looks like it was mounted or hung on a vertical surface. Patent dates March 12, 1863 - Sep 21, 1869. Ideas on age or origin? Looks to me like an ashtray, but I hate to go assumptions. Thanks!
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Button?

    I found this at an old church site. Very thin and slightly concave on one side. It has two holes in the center. Seems like I’ve seen something like this here before. It almost seems too thin to be a button.
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Unknown handmade item

    Not dug of course, but does anyone have any idea what this might be? It's not mine but the owner is clueless as I am to what it was used for. Thanks!
  5. Help identifying this old chair

    Hello, I've had this chair for years. It was placed outside of an old estate home for pickup and I grabbed it before the trash truck came. It's got an A.A. Forces in paint stencil on the bottom which date this type of marking to 20 June 1941 to 18 September 1947, no way to tell if it was new...
  6. 1840?s homestead finds

    This is the second piece of brass that was originally thought to possibly be part of a butt plate. Both are not magnetic and appear to be broken at approximately the same place, they do not fit together. I found these items at a 1840?s homesite in NW Florida. It was a homesite from 1843 till...
  7. D Day remembered

  8. Relic hunting advice

    Newbie relic hunter here, I?m going to hunt a 1840?s home site that I?ve been to twice before mainly just looking for non-iron items. I?m ready now to try and locate some iron type relics...what?s the best way to get off to a good start? I?ve hunted the area with park-1 and the horseshoe on...
  9. Couple of what’s it’s

    I found these at a 1912 home today. The first is a silver dime sized item, I thought was a worn silver dime at first, then a button front....but now I’m wondering if it might be a pendant of some sort. I came out of the dirt clean, just like a silver coin. The second is a coin I’ve never...
  10. Ground balance?

    I was just going through a few older threads and saw one that mentioned ground balancing pinpointers by turning them on after the tip is in the dirt. Is there any value to that? Is that a wet sand technique or does it apply to dry dirt as well? My pinpointer is the Nokta Macro waterproof...
  11. Remember Mom today

    Happy Mother’s Day! Take a moment to remember your mother today, if she’s still with us that’s a true treasure...if not treasure the good memories.
  12. Part of flintlock or percussion rifle?

    I found these items at a 1840’s homesite. It’s in NW Florida about 30 miles south of the old Spanish Trail from St. Augustine to Pensacola. I’ve known the area for over 50 years as it was previously in my family from 1895 till 1950. The 1846 log home was moved to a pioneer museum about 30...
  13. Ouch! 1914-D Lincoln Cent

    Back at the church yard, I hit the curb strip on my way to my truck. I get a penny signal and my pinpointer says it’s very shallow...bummer! It’s dry, sandy, rocky with very little grass so I slip my digger tool in an pop out the plug. Still there, so I scoop out a handful and there it is in my...
  14. Advice on searching 1840 blacksmith site

    I’ve got permission to search a 40 acre farm and blacksmith location that dates to 1845. I know the history well, it was in my family from 1895 till 1950 when my grandfather sold it. It stopped being used as a farm at that time and was just used for hunting and hasn’t changed hands again. I...
  15. A few keepers from the church yard

    I got in a short hunt at a local church that is undergoing a major renovation. Most is fenced off for the construction but the corners are open. My first silver in a few hunts, a well worn ‘41 quarter. six wheaties, two buttons, a foil pack and 87 cents in clad. The great seal button looks...
  16. Lead something...electrical?

    I’m stumped, I’m sure someone knows this item. It appears to be lead with what looks like an insulated wire snipped off flush. Found about 6 inches down near a sidewalk where power lines were down after the hurricane a few years ago. My guess is something to do with the power lines or cable...
  17. Thank you moderators!

    Just a quick shoutout to the folks that do the moderating on this forum. Great job! Two thumbs up! 👍🏼 👍🏼
  18. Winston-Salem area info?

    Hello NC! I’m a NW Florida TH’er but I’m going to be in the area around Winston-Salem the week after Easter 2021. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for a couple of quick hunts in this area? Parks, old schools and public areas are most likely what I’m geared for unless someone wants...
  19. New Equinox owner

    Hello all, I just added the Equinox 800 to my detecting stable. It’s charged and I’m ready to learn. I’ve owned White’s for 45 years and the DFX was my was still running but the display was getting too hard for me to see. Anyway I purchased a Nokta Simplex last November to get back...
  20. ✅ SOLVED Catholic medallion

    I need a little help on this medallion I found today. I think it might be Our Lady of Guadalupe but not sure. Any help appreciated.