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  1. Capped Bust Quarter Counterfeit Mold and More

    The counterfeit mold is what the Banner was made for!!! Excellent work!
  2. Fan's Roman Site Day 9 - Metal Working Site Day 27...

    Amazing, as always, and well done! The sawfish brooch is, by far, my favorite of the finds. Just beautifu!
  3. Seminole War Dragoon Camp Hunt

    Amazing! Those dragoon buttons are beautiful. Great job!
  4. A gold/silver necklace, an old fire hose coupling a dollar coin and a bucket lister

    Congrats on the j-hook! Your hard work and perseverance deserved to be rewarded!
  5. Two U.S. Artillerymen - 150 years apart

    That’s an excellent find, and a genuine class move on your part in giving it to your friend!
  6. I guess I'm building a Model-T...

    Thank you so much!
  7. More coppers to add to the money shot

    Very nice! Based on where I live, I doubt I will ever run across that many coins of historical value in one location. Well done!
  8. Nailed IT Galleon treasure

    Swee Sweet! I’m fascinated by the 1715 fleet history and anything recovered from it. Congratulations!
  9. I guess I'm building a Model-T...

    I’m I’m glad my post helped, but as you can see, there are a LOT of very knowledgeable folks on this site, and they’re always willing to help out with information. If you’re ever really stuck on identifying something, post it in the “What Is It?” Forum. It’s kinda humbling to see how quickly...
  10. I guess I'm building a Model-T...

    Lol! I'll take whatever I can find. This has been a very fun learning experience for me!
  11. I guess I'm building a Model-T...

    Thanks! I appreciate the information!
  12. I guess I'm building a Model-T...

    Thank you, and will do!
  13. I guess I'm building a Model-T...

    I've been searching my newish property for the last several weeks, and I've been finding a lot of stuff that dates from the mid 1910's to the mid 1930's. (And I do mean a LOT of stuff!) I've also been finding railroad-related items (including blacksmith tools) as there was once a railroad...
  14. Fan's Roman Site Day 4 - Metal Working Site Day 23 - CELTIC GOLD...

    Fantastic, as always! And thanks for the historical background information. It’s that sort of thing that really brings meaning to the finds for me.
  15. Arrowheads and Beads

    Wow! I would be thrilled with ONE of those! Well done!
  16. 1870's Hathorn Spring Mineral Water Bottle!

    Awesome find, and thank you so much for including the historical background!
  17. Some nice old coins to start the year

    Man, what beautiful coins! You’ve got some that are still bucket-listers for me, and if and when I do come across them, if they look like yours I’ll be kicking a happy bucket!
  18. Random dig yesterday from the backyard

    Apparently it is from a series of Cracker Jack toys from the 1950’s. I found one like yours for sale on Etsy. What a super cool find! Here’s the link...
  19. 1785 Nova Constellatio, my best coin ever!

    That is easily the most beautiful dug example I have ever seen! Congrats and hopefully a banner post for you!
  20. Some OK hunts, 1 with civil war lead and a little silver in the freezing weather

    I love the shirt! Your daughter must really love you! A few years ago my daughter got a t-shirt for me that said “Beach better have my money”.