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  1. Fairy Folk, Gnomes, or Leprechaun Experiences Detecting

    The woods are a big place. Anybody encounter Wee Peeps while detecting?
  2. MF Find Makes News

  3. UK Gent Q30+ Video

    This guy relatively new to MD has a first time out with the Quest 30+ if anyone is interested.
  4. 9V Tools (Battery Recommendation)

    Currently I have 3 metal detectors, and a pinpointer that take 9v batteries (2 Tesoros/1 pp @ 1 9v each & a Bounty Hunter 2 9v). So I have experience with 9v batteries both alkaline, and rechargeable. I have used NiMH all these years (sort of missed out on the NIcad 😄 days). I gave LI-Ion a...
  5. First Texas (Fisher/BH/Teknetics) Lower Pole Purchasing?

    Doing research it looks like when you buy a lower pole for a Fisher brand the metal clip is a separate purchase? Does anyone know if this is true? It looks like some kayak paddle clips are compatible (may have to slighly drill a bigger hole if peg portion is too big if gotten the slighly wrong...
  6. Ukraine Manufacturers

    I know (by website) that Nel, and Cors ceased operations. Anybody know of others?
  7. Silly DIY tool to clean Coinstar Coins

    Enjoy... 😁
  8. Garbage Picking BHT4

    I like to walk, and keep an eye out on garbage night (before pickup in the morn). I find things here, and there, but a recent night rewarded me with a very good like new condition Bounty Hunter Tracker IV. I was surprised this was thrown out at this particular house because they have been...
  9. Snake ID Please

    I walked past a snake not knowing it was there being distracted by raucous hikers in the distance. I saw it when I walked back a couple minutes later. My best guess (being that it was SE NYS) is it's a mutated color Copperhead, but it can be a an off color Corn Snake (lost it's way north), or...
  10. Any Hits Along This Corridor

    Any info will be of interest.
  11. Found Apple I-Pad, But Locked :(

    Was DD at an apartment complex. Found some stuff not noteworthy though (did find a $1,000,000,00 Bill that commemorates Desert Storm). I did find an Apple I-Pad with a cracked screen, but it works. Problem is it was password locked. I hoped that I can do a system reset with a button combo like...
  12. Youtube Playlist Debunking Psychics

    Playlist of videos debunking famous psychics by Youtuber Holy Koolaid.
  13. Sex,drugs,and God is how the ancient Romans rolled.

    Sex,drugs,and God is how the ancient Romans rolled. All Religions are Composed of Sacred Orgasm Sex & Drugs - YouTube :laughing9:
  14. Beware the "Ides of March",and the truth of the "Christos"

    Say no to Sheitgeist...lulz! Tropaion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Chi Rho - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Caesar's Comet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Shamash - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Jews had there own word for messiah.Christ comes from the greek word...
  15. X&Y Files (Granules of the Hyperverse)

    Click on link,click on play all,and be sure to watch full screen by clicking the full screen box on bottom right corner of view screen.Get the popcorn ready.......OOOOH!!! AAAAGH!!! :headbang:
  16. interesting heart and gunsight rocks?

    the heart shaped rock I beleive is natural and is near the gunsight rocks. the rear sight boulder is natural glacial thaw freeze split.the front sight rock resting on top of the boulder caught my looks like it was placed there.I did not look under it to judge debris layer or any symbols...
  17. best bang for the buck for a scale

    any good digital or old school scales to weigh jewelry for less coin. thanks
  18. single cup headphone help (future purchase)

    thks in advance these are going to be used in the deep woods with my xlt or silver uMAX.the killer b's stinger looks nice but the grey ghost rattler looks more durable and a polarity switch for other md models (minelab).anyone use these or a cheaper yet effective...
  19. finally my good copper haul

    after getting suckered around by yards near me I went to dabal & sons in garfield n.j. (a tnet member said that he goes too). bare copper wire 74# = $229.40 copper pipe 23# = $66.70 copper ends & tee's with solder 7# =$19.60 total $315.70 :hello2: I am satisfied...............I just wish...
  20. my xlt programs (trinity)

    here are the three main programs I use.I do not consider them absolute or for everyone,they just work for me in my area.some settings are for my preference like target volume.some others like a.c. sensitivity can be adjusted but I usually let coil size determine depth,and an importance on...