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  1. Columbia ky maps?

    Try I'm from Frankfort/Owenton they have quite a few for my area otherwise I would google or go to your local library.
  2. Door knocking paid off

    Awesome story and great finds!!! Congrats!!!
  3. 2 days, 21 early American copper coins!

    WOW! That is absolutely amazing! Congrats!
  4. What to do about corroded coins?

    SUPER AWESOME Find!! You have achived the detectorist's dream! Good Luck on cleaning and possibly selling them!
  5. Beach hunt double gold and more

    Great Finds! Congrats!
  6. 2022 Off to an Amazing Start: Found a Previously Unknown Variety of George Washington Inaugural Button!!!

    Super cool finds! That is a great way to start the new year! Congrats!
  7. 30 yrs of Seated Halves and Seated Quarters

    Awesome finds! Congrats!
  8. Found My first Gold!!!!!

  9. 1787 Fugio Cent

    Awesome coin! I've yet to find one, im jealous. Congrats!
  10. New Here From KS/CO. Want to try my luck in Florida!

    Welcome to treasure net from Central KY!
  11. Short early morning hunt to honey hole; first shield nickel and 2nd half of locket

    Nice Nickel! Those brushy woods hunts are hard swinging but can pay off!
  12. Lucky new finds at same early homesite

    Great Finds! Congrats!
  13. More Park Rings!

    Awesome hunt! Congrats!
  14. Finally Some Big Coppers. Weird lead jockey doll head.

    Nice Finds! That jockey head is cool!
  15. Return Visit To Productive Sport Field

    That is a lot of digging! Congrats!