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  1. Light electric and hydraulic small scale rock moving equipment

    Starting a general thread on the topic of moving rock small scale with electric and hydraulic equipment. Will start with self made equipment as most such equipment is unbelievably costly. Will post some pictures of the components that make this possible. Some may ask why electric? The...
  2. Light Hydraulic for drilling rock

    Anyone use Light Hydraulic for drilling rock? I have a chance to buy one of these used tomorrow anyone use one for drilling rock with a carbide type of bit. I'm thinking my 4 1/4" carbide bit that I have. It has a 9 Hp Robin Engine and pump coupled to it. What is a good price for one of these?
  3. Anyone make a 4 foot gold pan for fines?

    Anyone make a large gold pan for fine materials and what is your experience? In my case I'm going to make a 4 foot diameter gold pan from a wagon wheel rim as the foundation. Will put a 16" steel pan in the center where the materials come in first.
  4. Denver Gold pan found anyone use one?

    I have a chance to buy a Denver gold pan for around the asking price of $3,000.00. I'm thinking that is to much. Anyone use one and any opinions on the Denver gold pan?
  5. Anyone make / use a stamp mill?

    Just wondering if anyone uses a stamp mill? Any good plans for a stamp mill out there? Thanks.
  6. Chair mat style of dry washer or other drop rifle dry washer

    Anyone use the bottom of plastic / rubber chair mats for very fine drop rifle dry washing material? At times one can get close out chair mats from different stores at very good price to make the gold mats / dry washer. The mats are kinda thick and very stiff. For example I got lucky at a...
  7. Makita Rotary Hammers compared or what you think.

    Anyone use the following Makita Rotary hammers and what do you think? Makita HR4510C 1-3/4" AVT1/2 Rotary Hammer; Accepts SDS-MAX Bits · Powerful 13.5...
  8. Will Kamala Harris have any effect on mining acts or rules today?

    Kamala Harris will become the 1st woman to assume presidential power while Biden undergoes a physical If the site moderators think this is too political go ahead and remove. Just asking a question here.
  9. Trommel screening for 200 minus material ideas

    Topic thread for very fine material handling ether dry or wet presses. The gold cube, shaker table, electrostatic, miller table processes come to mind for this thread topic. However there may be other process as well that I have not pointed out here. Thanks for anyone's inputs.
  10. Electrostatic separation of dry concentrates how to commercial or self made.

    Anyone use very high voltage to do electrostatic separation of dry concentrates? There is both DC. and AC. voltage schools of thought on this. Thanks for any input on this topic.
  11. "Boulder blaster" commercial or self made.

    "Boulder Buster", uses standard 12 gauge cartridges. Anyone use one or know of someone who uses one? I did come across someone over seas who made one. Just checking here if anyone uses one. Thank you.
  12. Treasure Hunters Claim Pennsylvania State Officials Blocking Dig for Lost Civil War G

    Treasure Hunters Claim Pennsylvania State Officials Blocking Dig for Lost Civil War Gold Treasure Hunters Claim Pennsylvania Officials Blocking Dig for Lost Civil War Gold Treasure hunters on the trail of a lost Civil War gold shipment claim they have discovered the fortune in a remote location...

    LANDS OPEN TO MINERAL LOCATION – (MINE) - Lands held by the United States for disposal under the land laws are open to mineral location. Land specifically withdrawn, such as national parks, national monuments, military reservations and Indian lands are not subject to location. Minerals found...

    SENIOR CORNER — (SURVEY) - A point established and monumented by an approved prior survey. SENIOR LINE — (SURVEY) - Survey lines created at different times have different standings. The “senior” line would be the line which was surveyed and approved first. SENIOR RIGHTS — (LEGAL) - The...

    CLAIMANT – (SURVEY)- An individual, corporation, association, State or local government, etc., asserting title or rights in land.

    ALIENATION– (SURVEY)- A legal term applied to the process of transfer of title, or a legal conveyance of property to another.
  17. Navigability of our rivers is found in their navigable capacity and Acts thereof.

    1. The doctrine of the common law as to the navigability of waters has no application in this country. Here the ebb and flow of the tide do not constitute the usual test, as in England, or any test at all of the navigability of waters. 2. The test by which to determine the navigability of our...
  18. BOUNDARY LINE vs. BOUNDARY LAND use in surveying.

    BOUNDARY, LAND — (SURVEY)- A line of demarcation between adjoining parcels of land. The parcels of land may be of the same or of different ownership, but distinguished at some time in the history of their descent by separate legal descriptions. BOUNDARY LINE — (SURVEY)- A line along which...
  19. BIT vs. BYTE - GPS use.......LOL,

    BIT- (GPS)- A unit of information in a binary system is 1 or 0. BYTE- (GPS)- A sequence of binary digits the represent a single character.

    MINERAL SEGREGATION SURVEY — (MINE)-The measurements and corner restorations needed to define the boundaries between a mineral claim and other public lands for administrative purposes. Even though it also defines the boundaries of the mineral claim, in whole or in part, that is merely incidental...