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  1. Magnet fishing gets treasure hunters in trouble

    Back in late '80s we were searching the reefs off the Dry Tortugas and came across a half dozen Stinger? missiles. We didn't pickup any. Probably air-to-air missiles, not sure what they were shooting at. Heard jet fighters a lot while out in the outer Keyes.
  2. Achieve of old farm aerial pictures'
  3. Achieve of old aerial farm pictures.
  4. The sinking of the Atocha explained by Captain Syd Jones

    Randy: Is this what you were looking for on question about Atocha?
  5. Santo Cristo de Burgos

    My twin brother was at a craft-show last year selling his scrimshaw and struck up conversation with someone. Turns out he livied over on the coast by Tillamook as a kid and his dad was beach-combing as a kid (1930's?) and picked up a chunk of beeswax. He was just using it to wax his thread for...
  6. Research Needed on Ship Building info

    Info you already have? (page 161);view=fulltext
  7. Whaler 'Industry' wreck found in 6000'- 1836.
  8. SS Independence gold

    PM sent. We were at the site 2x, once 1979 & 1980.
  9. How Mailbox blowers work?

    Searched here and found this:
  10. This guy is tight lipped about his find, to the extreme!

    Plenty of articles about the 'Central America' and Tommy on TreasureNet. It was 'cursed' gold for him.
  11. want a sea chart of the area of 31 degrees to 29 degrees and 12 / 16 miles out

    Usually designated 'dump sites' are areas that have been used for dredge spoils (sand or mud) to clear inlets or channels. There are numerous areas off the various ports on the West Coast. Usually a distance offshore to not effect fisheries. Believe it or not the recently discovered containers...
  12. British Columbia Tofino Wrecks

    Speaking of the voyage of Francis Drake.
  13. Seeking Advice on Shipwreck Discovery

    Thanks, been stalled as our season is governed by the North Pacific Ocean and she's a bit-h.
  14. Seeking Advice on Shipwreck Discovery

    Lead in ingot form not near the problem compared to 'hundreds of tons of mercury' on Spanish wrecks. This can go into the environment much more readily. Also they've recently found numerous (lots) of nuclear waste containers dumped off San Francisco and Los Angeles (more recently DDT...
  15. Can someone please explain what long range locators are and how they work?

    If you are just looking at experimenting with LRL with electronics it doesn't get any cheaper than this Frequency Generator. Comes from China in 2-3 weeks and simply wire up the output to some ground rods, fabricate a set of bent brass dousing rods and wire up a battery. All together way short...
  16. Anyone in Vancouver Washington?

    Welcome to state income-tax free Washington. I'm just up the road in Kalama. Have you looked down at the bottom of the site under states and tried to contact locals off there? My twin brother & I are searching in the water so can't help you about the dry. GL (Coast Guard '73-'77)
  17. How About A Posting For Covid Vaccines

    We haven't gotten out of a Corona virus (example: flu and common cold) by reaching 'herd immunity' via a vaccine yet. All of these mRNA vaccines specifically state that at 'best' they will just lessen symptoms and quite likely won't prevent you from sheading the virus while being asymptomatic...
  18. How About A Posting For Covid Vaccines

    There's a interesting vaccine in Canada (non mRNA) that is being tested and may be approved in America in July. It has a long history as a vaccine for other illnesses. In the interim I'll continue my ivermectin iMask+ protocol (...
  19. Possible Holy Grail Of Pandemic Found

    Tons of info on . I've been following their iMask+ protocol for several months. Taking a experimental vaccine = I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal...
  20. How About A Posting For Covid Vaccines

    Speaking of 'herd immunity' perhaps using a 'safe' (been prescribed almost 4bil times) generic drug could be used as a bridge. I've been following the iMask+ protocol for several months while waiting for the vaccine.