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  1. Few more of White Mountain, WY, glyphs

    Just a few more.
  2. Firehole Canyon, Wyoming

    Headed down south of Rock Springs, WY towards Flaming Gorge. This part of the country reminded me more of Utah. Camped in a campground along the Green River on the north end of the reservoir.
  3. Red Desert, Wyoming

    My son is in Wyoming and camps here all the time, so I decided to make it up here. Great country. I camped in a playa seca about a mile northeast of Boar's Tusk. Great spot, I didn't have to drive in the brush and risk setting a fire and there was already a fire ring there. This is probably...
  4. White Mountain, WY, petroglyphs

    In the Red Desert, Wyoming. Quite a few there, but here's a sample. Please don't ever attempt to chalk in glyphs. Somebody did, and I guess that person in school couldn't color inside the lines and they went completely off track. I didn't take a pic of that one.
  5. New camera

    See what y'all think. I currently have the Canon Rebel xs so this was kind of an upgrade. It probably has a lot of features I won't figure out or even use. Haven't taken any pics with it yet, but I hope to head up to Wyoming tomorrow and try it out.
  6. Prairie Rattlers

    Camped a couple of days in the San Luis Valley. Look closely at that first pic. There's a prairie rattler underneath those weeds. I spotted him just before I stepped on him, which would have been the most exciting part of the day for me and him both. I was wishing I could have got a better...
  7. Employee of the Decade

    I have proclaimed myself Employee of the Decade and designated today as me appreciation day. Thank you self, for all you do to prevent this place from turning into a circus of chaos and disorganization. (At least on the overnights) I ain't goin in and work an extra night tonight. For today...
  8. Happy late 4th

    Yeah I'm late but I been busy. Couple of pics from 6 years ago when we had a real parade and fireworks. Powers that be have decided the parade these days will be kids riding bikes and people walking dogs, and no fireworks anymore.
  9. Utah Rock Art

    Lots of pictographs and petroglyphs in this area. My son spotted 3 scattered pieces of pottery that fitted together. We did a lot of hiking in canyons in hundred degree temps. First day was rough but by the second day I was more able to tolerate it. My favorite petroglyph was the one that...
  10. Utah scenery

    Camped out north of Moab with my son for 4 nights last week. Luckily I was there first so I could find a spot with some shade. Set up my little storage tent and slept outside. Found out I was a little too geared up for sleeping, as it was 80 degrees by 6a.m. One blanket was fine.
  11. Less History

    Above where we camped at Arboles Point CO is an archaeological site from the time Chimney Rock was occupied. At one time, you could not walk without stepping on a piece of pottery. I would see pieces as big as my hand, a lot had painted designs. Took a lot of pics of those and left them...
  12. Colorado/New Mexico

    Followed dirt roads down into Northern New Mexico around Dulce. Lots of roads here, all pretty good, and you can get confused if you don't know the country. Didn't have a map, which would have been helpful, and no GPS so I didn't get lost, but I did have a compass, which helped a lot. Didn't...
  13. Camp this week

    Camped down by Navajo Reservoir this week. Guess I pretended to be fishing in the Piedra River. Same luck in the reservoir, and didn't even bother with the San Juan River. Still a great time. Not many people our age camp this way anymore. They got RV's. If Maria wasn't along, I wouldn't...
  14. Uvalde, Tejas

    Just a pic that sums up how I feel about that. Please don't take this political, and no meaningless 'thoughts and prayers'.
  15. Colorado River at Yarmony

    Went up on Trough Road today around Yarmony over towards State Bridge, just lookin the river over. No online reservation required. Yet.
  16. An aggravation

    So I finally get a few days off and take off to camp in one of my favorite places in the SLV. Last camped there in September. We load up, drive three hours to get there, absolutely nobody else in the campground, find a spot, go to pay and am confronted with this. No clue when this changed...
  17. Maybe 2 artifacts

    Was tickled to spot this potsherd near La Ventana in the SLV. Thing is, generally when I find pottery, it's the sign of a long term camp and absolutely nothing else in this area. Except the quartz piece. I had to look that over a long time. That type material doesn't really occur naturally...
  18. Camping again

    Got a little extra time off finally, so headed down to the SLV and camped near La Ventana del Norte. Great weather but very windy in the day and at night. Country is pretty dry, but there is a little water still in the valley if you know where to find it.
  19. Up on the Colorado River

    Went up around Radium today lookin over the Colorado. Lots of ground squirrels at that campground by Radium. Camped there one time and the little rascals ran all over me so much that night it became an aggravation, so I finally threw my bedroll in the bed of the truck and slept there. Water...
  20. Springlike

    Wow, first time I've had 2 days off in six months. Went down towards BV along the Arkansas. They got a lot less snow on the ground than we do.