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  1. Ca. claim owners and researchers. heads UP!!

    Ca. BLM is very behind inputting info on claim SRP. Small miners waivers that have been recieved prior to the deadline as well as maintenance fee payments arent showing up yet. I went to the main office yesterday (you need to call and make appointment) To see what was going on. Mike the last of...
  2. Claim transfer question.

    First time transferring a claim. Figure I'll post here so everyone can learn. If we are getting a claim that someone has on a small miners waiver and has done labor for the current assesment year. Does the labor transfer and we just add to our existing waiver? Claim the labor using the...
  3. Chunks

    I knew my partner pulled his phone out. I didn't realize until today he had posted a video on his page (if you like gold watch his videos) I rarely video when I'm detecting so I'll share his. The first piece shown I found with the SDC the second one he beeped with his GP4500. Literally...
  4. Dry Ravines

    If you like authentic small scale prospecting videos subscribe to Topcats channel. It is called TopCat Gold prospecting adventures. The name of the newest video is Metal detecting for gold 2020 He puts out a new video pretty much weekly. You will have to sign in to verify age. Youtube does...
  5. Friends

    Separated by twenty feet of Gold Country. On different sides of a little barely seasonal "creek" Not on bedrock. *also the name of an awesome Led Zeppelin song.
  6. Chunk

    Nice one Friday. Was a tip off piece. Wish I could show what came out of the ground yesterday. But I didn't dig them so, I cant share them. From lower down the same hillside. Haven't even started making the way back up to the outcropping yet. Glad it was my partner and not a highgrader. At...
  7. Brush Plot?

    Anyone ever come across a BLM " Brush Plot" monument. I found one crawling through manzanita. It has a plot number and a two digit number on it. that does not match the section it is in. Specifically states it is not a corner marker. I looked it up and can't find any info on a program. From...
  8. Get em while you can

    Two part post. I needed to contact Thompsons. Pull up website. Bill has health issues. HE'S GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!!! The reason I needed to contact him. I traded gold for a new 12v/hand crank puffer. It was N.I.B. First run Beginning of summer about 45 minutes in it stops. Motor hot to the...
  9. Sassiest Nugget EVER!!!!!!!

    Good luck getting it in your scoop
  10. Adds & pop ups

    is any one else getting them on the longer threads even when signed in? pretty annoying if its gonna be a thing now???:BangHead:
  11. Sort of Accurate

    Entertaining as well. rocks are prospecting related8-)
  12. New scammer/flipper

    Beware of Mountain Man Mining Corp. Came across a claim for sale in an area there aren't claims. Looked into it. The guy is trying to sell a claim. It appears he is waiting to get someone on the hook. But, don't worry after you pay him. he will "take care of the paperwork" Then send you...
  13. WHY

    So, I've been researching ground in Nevada. There are several "companies" that have a lot of ground under location for several years. Paying full fees to BLM. But, never recording anything at the county. EVER!!! For assesment year after assesment year. I thought maybe the docs just weren't...
  14. Take my money!!! Yes!!
  15. Thoughts??

    Just gonna leave this here!! :dontknow: :icon_scratch::unhappysmiley: he says they find 43 grams shows a sell reciept... interesting to say the least.
  16. November Gold

    I recently aquired a Minelab sdc2300 Game changer for gold hunting. I've found a decent amount with my gold bugs. But man jumping in with a K.I.S.S. Pi detector has been fun. Most of these pieces will go to one gallery. All of it will sell quick. People like the little micro mounts. This is...
  17. sdc2300 finds

    cross post from prospecting forum. I'm gonna post pics later of my two smallest gold targets. for now these.
  18. Crystals of the Dead Bear Republic

    Pieces of Mr. Pocket Theres a lot on the surface still but the patches are getting pretty quite. Raking cutting brush still. But its gonna be time to go deeper soon. BULLDOZER!! The old timers left me a lot of clues.I can only imagine what they got since this is what they missed. These are...
  19. I helped a little

    last June a production co. Called me and wanted me to teach an actor about gold panning for an upcoming series. When i found out who and what the production was i got pretty excited. signed an NDA so i haven't mentioned it. drove out to Petaluma and near Bodega bay to work with Tom Waits for...
  20. Finnish Family Killin it!!!

    Probably one of the coolest family op videos I've seen!! Watch it all. A commenter says that the guy says in Finnish 300 grams Great shots from in the excavator. And of the low profile sluice expaned metal riffles. The metal is well polished :headbang: