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  1. A new fashion trend ..

    Is that ring around the collar or did you shit yourself?
  2. Did I finally find some gold?

    Put it on something hard and tap tap tap it with a hammer. If it breaks it’s not gold. If it smashes and deforms it could be gold. Easiest test I can think of off hand.
  3. MASSIVE GOLD FOUND in a Tiny Hole - Would you Crawl in Here?

    Great video brother! I’ve enjoyed many of your videos. Thanks for keeping us up to date.
  4. RANDOM PICTURE THREAD - Post ANY of your favorite pictures here to share with Tnet...

    Closest boat wreak to me is my upside down John boat in the wood shed…. 🫤
  5. RANDOM PICTURE THREAD - Post ANY of your favorite pictures here to share with Tnet...

    The UP in Michigan. It’s a national park. I believe it’s called painted rocks. Well worth the trip and a ticket for the boat ride.
  6. RANDOM PICTURE THREAD - Post ANY of your favorite pictures here to share with Tnet...

    A few from painted rocks Michigan. Awesome place to consider if you’ve never been.
  7. WOW ! Just WOW !

    I have been hooked on watching police body cam footage. It puts the things these folks deal with into perspective. As well as the condition of the larger city’s. Unreal. It’s a crazy world out there. I appreciate the shit out of anyone willing to walk into that each day.
  8. Getting ready for fall and winter weather.

    Boots look good. I’ve been bucking up firewood the last few weeks. I’ll burn 15 cord if it’s a hard winter.
  9. A friend of mine had an major truck problem today

    This guy has been around the last few months. Him and a couple small doe. I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten hit. I live on a heavily trafficked road and he’s crossing it all the time.
  10. George does not disappoint

    I always look and haven’t found anything either. You are not alone.
  11. WOW ! Just WOW !

    It looks to be happening. Some crazy stuff.
  12. WOW ! Just WOW !

    We’ve forgotten blurry pictures of people wearing red?
  13. WOW ! Just WOW !

  14. WOW ! Just WOW !

    Anyone who’s 30’ or older realizes you are far from competent (many of us anyhow) in you late twenty’s and before. It’s all about mental fortitude. The desire to know things, the drive to understand and be able to convey it. Many of the younger people don’t desire a deeper understanding and...
  15. WOW ! Just WOW !

    The parents are mostly to blame. Lazy people outsourcing everything in their lives. Even talking to their offspring. I know my kids get tired of me asking questions or pointing out the kinds of trees we are passing while on a hike but they know stuff.

    Yessir, I have learned a fair bit from this post. As I stated prior many people will know more of her accomplishments and contributions than I would. I have come away with a better understanding that I am thankful for. I certainly wouldn’t agree with anyone praising her death. That’s...

    I have no doubt that many Americans don’t understand or see her contributions the way others may. What most of us see is another elite surrounded by her gilded castle, living a life supported by untold amounts of money amassed through generations of squander and manipulation. Given the...
  18. Half Dollar Box Volumes Post-CV

    And there it is folks! Send billions over seas and sqeeeeeeeze the little guy to get some more.

    For those who truly feel for her passing I personally feel for your loss. Losing people is hard. I do however wonder how many more people will starve while rulers…… rule.
  20. Collector's Coins Stolen from Home in North Union Township

    May the thief find a chest full of soft and gray precious metal.