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  1. Added A 500 GPH Bilge Pump To My Le' Trap Battery Operated Setup.

    I added one more bilge pump to my Le'Trap setup. It was previously running on just a Johnson 2200 GPH/7.5 Ah, which was enough to get the unit catching the gold. I added a 500 GPH/1.8Ah to increase the flow. What I gained was excellent exchange in all the riffles and the ability to run more feed...
  2. Ordered A 14” x 11” DD Reaper Searchcoil For The APEX And Tried It Out....."WOW"

    I am a great fan of the AT Series for general hunting needs in my local. I have always enjoyed it's sensitivity and ID/audio abilities. Someone suggested I try the Reaper coil on the APEX for similar results. Well, after about an hours worth of playing with the controls, changing frequencies...
  3. Got Out With The Le'Trap Today - Fossils and Gold!

    Finally got out with the Le'Trap today. Put in just under 4 hours. Picked up a plastic wagon at a garage sale a while back. Can handle up to 150 lbs. Ends up being a nice vehicle to haul my equipment around. And it's light too. Amongst my digs, I got a nice piece of dino bone and a fossil of...
  4. I Sure Am Enjoying The California Mini Sluice! Check It Out.......

    For such a small, light machine, it really bit the flower gold, even the tiniest of the tiniest. Heck, the whole unit fits inside a 5 gallon bucket disassembled, less the battery. I made a 3 minute video of it in action. .
  5. Captions Please!

  6. "AXIOM"...Garrett's New Gold Metal Detector Release

    Here's the new release. Very powerful indeed. Check out the specs. And a short video done by Steve Herschbach.
  7. "AXIOM"...Garrett's New Release - Here It Is!

    Here's the new release. Very powerful indeed. Check out the specs. And a short video done by Steve Herschbach.
  8. "AXIOM"...Garrett's New Release

    Here's the new release. Very powerful indeed. Check out the specs. And a short video done by Steve Herschbach.
  9. New Garrett Release Coming Very Soon
  10. New Garrett Release Coming Soon!
  11. Purchased The California Mini Sluice Highbanker And Happy With It's Results

    Here's my first run with the California Mini Highbanker. I ran 2 x 5 gallon buckets 3/4 full of 10 mesh screened river gravel. Looks like those drop riffles hang on to the tiniest bits of flour gold. I am quite happy with this unit. It needs slow water flow. I ran it at around 3/4 flow on the...
  12. Finally, The River Dropped Enough To Get Some Gold

    I finally got access to the North Saskatchewan River this afternoon, as the river level was dropping this afternoon. I managed to dig some gravel out out the river's edge, while also washing roots. I was amazed at how much gold was in those roots. I would guess that about 25% of my gold was...
  13. I Went Back To My Roots To Get Gold (pun intended)

    My usual gold bearing river is still flooded, so I went back to my spot I hit recently for gold. I used my Mini Le'Trap and California mini sluice, and also metal detected the area. Here's a short video on today's adventure.
  14. There Was More Gold In The Grass Roots Then In The Gravel

    Due to a late snow melt in the mountains and above average rain in Edmonton, my favorite spots on a local river are still under 3-4 feet of water. I went to another another nearby river not affected with mountainous spring runoff, did some sampling, only to find 3-4 specs of gold per pan...
  15. Got Ring # 5, 6 & 7 Today After Work.

    I got a silver ring, a hematite ring and a wooden ring. Of course I eye-balled the wooden ring.
  16. Got Ring #3 Yesterday And Ring #4 Today Plus A Silver Coin

    Spent most of the day water detecting with my AT MAX. I dug up a good variety of targets. Lots of fishing stuff, vapes, coins, jewelry, junk and a gold (not) ring today. Below are the "BEST" of the day.
  17. Got My Second Ring Today With The AT Pro

    Out for about 4 hours this afternoon. Here's the finds!
  18. Got More Coins Today And A Ring!

    Out digging for coins today with the AT Pro, as the river is too high and too dangerous for prospecting. I thought I had a gold ring, but there is no stamp.
  19. Here's Last Weeks Gold Highbanking. The River Rose 8 Feet today

    Here is last weeks gold. The river just rose 6 feet today due to rain and snow pack melt in the mountains. Going to remain high, so I will be doing a lot of metal detecting.
  20. Out With The AT Pro Coin Shooting. Ordered A New Coil For the APEX

    Headed out this afternoon for a few hours to the river and park. Got some $$$ to go towards my annual gold coin. The Reaper coil is supposed to be real hot on Canadian coins according to a buddy who repairs metal detectors. So, I ordered one and it will be my go to land machine this summer...