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  1. Zipline to send paydirt downhill

    Anyone use a zipline to send buckets of paydirt downhill to a drywasher? Hiking up and back down a rocky slope with buckets of paydirt is wearing me out. I'm either going to have to find a way to set up my drywasher on a steep rocky hillside or come up with an easier way to get the paydirt...
  2. Trouble posting photos

    Photos not posting without also showing attached thumbnails posted underneath. :icon_scratch: That's the trouble I'm having in the prospecting forum.
  3. I won a puffer!

    My prospecting club had a raffle on a drywasher and I won! Had to try it out ASAP. Works pretty good, got a few specks :icon_thumright: Had to shorten the legs 6" so it would fit in my Jeep. GG~
  4. Automatic Classifier

    I'm too lazy to work a classifier back and forth by hand so I invented a way for a wiper motor to do it for me...... A rope attaches to an eye bolt on the classifier then around two pulleys and then to the cam on the wiper motor which causes the classifier to jerk back and forth like the...
  5. Noetic Science

    Some food for thought for those who do not know what they don't know. Just google "noetic science" as well as the "philosophy of noetics". You may be enlightened if you have an open mind. It may help skeptics who have not been exposed to the science or the philosophy to have a better...
  6. Super Vac 6.5 HP !

    I have never been happy with the amount of suction power created by leaf blowers. Seems the hose always accumulated dirt and gravels and sooner or later I would have to lift it up so gravity and suction could send the paydirt into the bucket. Here is what I came up with to eliminate that...
  7. Found in Utah desert

    Strange 12 foot tall three sided monolith found in remote area of Utah desert ....................... Any ideas? :icon_scratch:
  8. Getting logged off during writing a post.

    Happens a lot lately. Did the posting time get shortened? Was not a problem before. Happens during writing pm's too. GG~
  9. Drywasher Blower to Puffer to Manual

    From this............... To this................... To This!...................... No more noise, no more mixing gasoline, no more hose, no more carrying a blower, no more carrying gas can, no more charging or carrying a battery. Now only 23lbs. total. If I wanted to I could...
  10. Blower to Puffer Conversion

    Decided to end the noise from my 2 cycle blower motor and convert my drywasher over to the pleasant sound of a puffer. While I was thinking about the conversion I wanted to try a new way of operating the bellows that would eliminate the use of the two pulleys and belt with associated linkage. I...
  11. Eye Candy !

    This is the photo I use for my Desktop Background. Kept me motivated during quarantine. Go for the Gold :3barsgold: GG~
  12. Where did all my posts go?

    Tried to look up some of my older posts for reference and cant find them. looked under "My Posts" and now they only go back 600 posts. Used to contain all my posts, what's up with this?
  13. 5 Gal Bucket Hopper for Highbanker

    After seeing trommels made from 5-gallon buckets.................. It gave me the idea to make a hopper from one to convert a 10" X 48" sluice into a highbanker. Already had a free (from the local bakery) 5-gallon bucket with lid. Went to bulldog recycling and spent $1 for a grizzly. Used...
  14. Goodyguy,s Brake drum impact mill

    DIY Brake Drum Impact Mill Needed a small inexpensive rock crusher for some sampling. Now that I live in an RV and have limited tools and no welder, I decided to make it out of a brake drum. To save on cost I scavenged most of the materials from scrap yards and dumpsters. It's not pretty, but...
  15. Free online Hardrock University

    Hey guys, This website is an excellent resource for learning about hardrock prospecting and mining. Geared for the small scale miner and mostly for those new to the subject it also offers valuable information for the seasoned sourdough as well. Don't let the word "university" discourage you...
  16. Cheap easy to build DIY trommel

    I met the designer and builder of this cool trommel recently and thought I would pass this along......... Made from 5 gallon buckets, PVC, and easily sourced materials. (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) Go for the Gold GG~
  17. ? ? about Small Keene suction pump

    I acquired this small pump years ago from my now deceased brother that I have never used and am not familiar with. Just looking for some info. Probably has not been run for over 15 years. Are seals available? How old is it? What model was it called? What would it's dollar value be? What was it...
  18. prospecting equip!!! Southern Indiana

    Tried to delete this post but delete was not available. Its all gone now. :occasion14:
  19. Mailbox Full ????

    Jeff or River Rat I just renewed my Charter membership and folks pm'ing me still keep getting a full mailbox message. Can you fix it for me please? Thanks GG~
  20. turbo bazooka on alibaba