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  1. Rare Confederate Rifleman Button and Sword Guard

    When I found the sword guard I was thinking that the relief was similar to some other sword parts that I found a few years ago. I looked back and pulled these pics. The quillon block and pommel are from a site miles away and they're obviously not from the same sword but it's interesting how...
  2. Rare Confederate Rifleman Button and Sword Guard

    Yeah, these were from two different sites and I think the sword guard is late 18th C. That period would fit the site and the Classical Greek influence in the relief would support that.
  3. 1785 Nova Constellatio, my best coin ever!

    That's a banner in my opinion. It's not the first to show up on tnet, but good grief, the condition is amazing! And, it's such a historic coin for the U.S.

    That is a beautiful coin, right there!
  5. Rare Confederate Rifleman Button and Sword Guard

    Same here. Your post made me curious, so I searched this site, going back about 20 years, there have been a couple of script-R's and a very beat up block-R like mine. There was also a reproduction and a civilian button that looked sort of similar. There could have been a few others that I...
  6. Rare Confederate Rifleman Button and Sword Guard

    Thanks everyone, for the well-wishes for my back. It's always a little bad, but this time I was putting on my left sock and I guess pinched my sciatic nerve. Holy crap! It laid me out and still hurts. mbcu was definitely a good sport to dig some holes for me, especially when I found better...
  7. Rare Confederate Rifleman Button and Sword Guard

    Hurt my back pretty badly right before Christmas and still can't dig holes, but I went out this weekend a couple of times to hobble around and watch. mbcuce felt bad for me and agreed to dig and let me swing his detecter some. Amazingly, with some very limited detecting, I found a couple of...
  8. 2 days, 21 early American copper coins!

    Holy cow! That's an awesome hunt and some of those draped busts are in amazing condition. That is some kind soil.
  9. Silver and 1812…

    Nice hunt! The silver tip thing looks like it could be part of a 19th century mechanical pencil, but it might be a little too big for that. It's hard to judge the scale exactly.
  10. Buckleboy’s 2021 OMG What a Haul!!

    Impressive! That is a museum's worth of relics!
  11. 2021 Spanish silver finds

    Well done! Five pieces grouped together looks like treasure.
  12. Solved and Unsolved Mysteries of 2021

    Thanks. I'm getting better. I've had issues on and off, as well, but this time was the worst. I was putting on my left sock and it felt like I'd been struck by lightning.
  13. Solved and Unsolved Mysteries of 2021

    I've messed up my back, so I don't think I'll be adding any new finds in 2021. When I think about detecting this year, it seems like I had more mystery items than in the two previous years. For the most part, each of these finds still unsolved, to some degree, but I do have some updates. This...
  14. A Great Detecting-Related Christmas Gift!

    Got a great gift from mbcuce this Christmas. He used images from my Tnet posts and had this coffee mug made. I can relive the glory days while I drink my coffee...
  15. Roman Metal Working Site - Cru'dad Solo - Day 9...

    Sorry to hear about your setback, Cru. Hope you heal up soon.
  16. USA Rev war and 1812 buttons

    Well done! That was a great hunt. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Confederate Officers Button

    Can't get over the gilt. That site is incredibly kind to copper.
  18. U.S Diplomat Button 1803

    Love the design on it. Great find!
  19. Mystery British Rev War and Colonial Mix

    ARC, Bramblefind found the same button on Worthpoint (check his post). It's definitely a crocodile. The lighting made mine look like it has a humped back when it actually doesn't. You're right, though. It could be a type of livery button, but as Red-Coat says, not of a family. The crown is...