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  1. Finds 2021

    Hi and Hello to everyone :hello: Here's some finds last year, hope all are doing well and healthy. Thank you :occasion14: Hamid
  2. Ahoy

    Hi my friends:hello: Hi everyone:hello: Hope y'all are doing well, I will be glad to hear that you all are fine and a good health. I have not been on the forums for "many moons", maybe I think many years.:icon_scratch: So I thought of penning down a few lines to check things here.:occasion14...
  3. 2016 Finds

    Hi Everyone:hello: These are my finds last year. Thank you
  4. It Beat All

    Hi Everyone When I used it in first time, I told, it is timeless and endless, it's killed all metal detectors, the last of them is CTX 3030. I wish you all the best my friends and happy hunting. Your Friend Hamid
  5. Sooner or later

    CTX 3030 Hi everyone :hello: Minelab CTX 3030... Report soon or later of this metal detector, looks it's well-known between the masters of detection around the World. In 2012, I gave my opinion of it.
  6. First Gold in First Hunt

    Hi Everyone :hello: Happy New Year:angel7::icon_king::icon_queen: Well, it is the start of the year again, hard to believe that 2016 is over. Time flies. The weather is really nice, but it doesn't produce any fresh cuts in winter, there is many types of cuts, the greatest cut of them that one...
  7. Invincible Skills

    Hi Everyone:hello: I had not made to produce a video in while, this weather makes me to stay front of PC. Here's a video hope you enjoy and have fun.
  8. Little Finds

    Hi Everyone:hello: It was stormy day, me, black pearl and spinosaurus, we were only in the beach. I have discovered an area, it would be promising, hopeful, not change next day, the winds do not blow as the vessels wish. Gold ring and pendant are 18K. Total weight is two grams (2,4grams). Flower...
  9. Tiny Gold Chain Two Grams

    Hi Everyone:hello: Tiny gold chain 2,4 grams. Thank you for take a look.
  10. Gold 18K

    Hi Everyone These are my finds last week two nights and early morning, four gold rings 18k, one gold earring 18k, three gold pendants 18k and total weight is about 14 grams. I hope future is more generous with treasures. Here's some pictures and thank you for looking at my post / pictures. Hamid
  11. Big Old Piece of Silver

    Hi Everyone Nothing to show, only this old piece of silver, looks piece of bracelet I think so. Its design very old, if someone of you knew or saw some informations about it.:read2: Here's some pictures and thank you for take a look.
  12. He is a Pirate

    Hi Everyone I was hurry when the time come, this is a pirate, the smell of the weather make us following and guided by a beating heart, I can't tell where the hunt will end, but I know where to start. Feeling my way through the darkness and within 10 minutes gold is the prize, under the sand...
  13. Silver

    Hi Everyone :hello: These are silver rings and chains. I finally did manage some treasures to post. I hope future is more generous with treasures. Here's some pics. As always, thank you for looking at my post / pics. Hamid
  14. Not Enough

    Hi Everyone:hello: Well, All titles, I have wrote about metal detecting, are not new, when I discover a new knowledge I have to wait 5 years until got confirmations from many questions had posed. Using the right metal detector for the beach, right place, right time, keep eyes, low tide, high...
  15. Tiny

    Hi Everyone:hello: The most common item found with a metal detector are coins and hardest are tiny gold chains. The Gold chains without pendants are some of the most difficult targets to detect at the beach. It takes even more skill to detect it. Many years ago I have explained why ``BBS``...
  16. Fascination

    Hi Everyone,:hello: From a young age, I have been fascinated with ocean and treasure. I thought everyone wondered about the mystery of ocean and the world around us. It had taken years to understand each metal detector and I had to sacrifice with the gold for understanding each setting... (All...
  17. Cleaning Silver

    Hi everyone:hello: Everybody wants to be a pirate. Well, why not?! There’s sea, and sails, and treasure. I think you won’t be able to resist to sail the open seas, search for treasure, and much more. It was a great experience for a kid, because it was a bunch of kids searching the coins in...
  18. Maybe 6K

    Hi These are silver of last month March, except band silver ring and watch its stamped 256 maybe 6K. Here's some pictures and us usually thank you for take a look and reading and following.
  19. Rings and Pendants

    Hi Everyone These are my finds, two gold ring 18k and two gold pendant 18K, (0.4grams) the beach promises in horizon, because keep searching. I hope future is more generous with treasures Here's some pics. As always, thanks for looking at my post and pictures.
  20. Gold Jewelery 18K

    Hi :hello: These are my finds next day, gold ring 18k, gold earrings 18k, gold pendant 18k, gold bracelet 18k . Lot of coins were getting me tired, the presence of the gold makes me continue to..... I hope future is more generous with treasures. Here's some pics. As always, thanks for looking...