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  1. Hello

    You're most welcome 🍹🍹😎 It's difficult to identify, all I can say is there is a table in net you can compare those stones. I wish you all of the best 🏆🥇😎
  2. Hello

    Welcome aboard :skullflag:8-):hello:
  3. 7 Hour Water Hunt....Gold and Silver

    Very nice :icon_thumleft::occasion14:
  4. I think I found another swimming hole!

    Very nice :hello2::headbang::hello:
  5. Just curious. New here.

    Welcome :occasion14:
  6. OCD

    Impressive detecting :hello2:Congratulations:occasion14:
  7. Gold ring with 70 diamonds

    You're most welcome 🙂 I wish you all the best in your life detecting 🥇🏆😎
  8. Gold ring with 70 diamonds

    Impressive detecting☠🙂congratulations :hello2:
  9. Finds 2021

    Thank you, I think we use the same metal detector on coast. Best wishes and all the best to you :occasion14:

    Impressive detecting, congratulations :occasion14:
  11. Finds 2021

    Hi and Hello to everyone :hello: Here's some finds last year, hope all are doing well and healthy. Thank you :occasion14: Hamid
  12. Beach hunt double gold and more

    Very nice :hello2:
  13. My First Gold Coin - and Best Find to Date

    Very nice :hello2:Congratulations 🎊🎉🍹🍹🙂
  14. 4 more rings...

    All the best next spin. I don't know what MD that have been used VLF or PI? Hamid
  15. ALL NEW Garrett Goldmaster 24k Metal Detector is out!!!

    Hope the next is Suf PI at magical pulse delay.
  16. Finally found a ring I can use

    Nice :occasion14:
  17. Garrett infinium ls

    Garrett infinuim doesn't work well as it should be, however the manufacture did not say nothing when it released it. There is no good pi machines actually now. All are gone. I have no high hopes, my prayers is to a new powerful pi in future soon. Hamid
  18. Is this normal?

    It's normal to find that:occasion14:
  19. New Member From New York City

    Welcome aboard :occasion14: