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  1. ✅ SOLVED What kind of bugle is this?

    Any idea as to the age of it?
  2. 21 years ago

  3. ✅ SOLVED Can anybody tell me what the letters are on this?

    Looks like US or SU .. and something else.
  4. Two candy bars

  5. I went out for an early morning hike in the wilderness

    ..and found this two items by the side of the trail. Nothing wonderful, but the survival tool is kinda neat. Also saw this poop on the trail .. is it Bobcat or coyote?
  6. ✅ SOLVED Cordley Type A

    ..but what is it. Looks like a spray nozzle on the right. Could it be an orchard sprayer?
  7. Marriage is like a deck of cards

  8. Never knew what hit him!

  9. Great Sign!

  10. I hope all the T-Net members in Southwest Virginia are okay!
  11. One Bad-Azz Obituary!
  12. I made an update post on the gravestone restoration project. The restoration has been completed and a photo was posted at the end of the thread linked above.
  13. Bad to the bone!

  14. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Who knows their rocks?

    Does anybody here know anything about rocks? The only ones I know anything about are the rocks in my head. Anyhow, I am in the process of restoring this old gravestone, but after hours of probing the area, I haven't been able to find all of the pieces. Can anybody identify the type of rock...
  15. ✅ SOLVED What year and model is the truck in this photo?

    Thanks a bunch.
  16. I sure to like spider bites!

  17. The point of impact is rather impressive!