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  1. Old house site yields more relics

    Good stuff! Old houses are the best.
  2. Standing Liberty

    Sliver makes a day GREAT!
  3. Hot and heavy sums it up! 😅

    Looks Like a good day! Congrats!
  4. Coin purse LOADED with old coins!!

    MAN!!! What a great find!
  5. Decorative sterling bracelet…

    Love the bracelet!
  6. Hello

  7. First evening out with my new Deus 2

    Nice first time out! Every time I use mine impresses me that much more. All my old sites are new again!
  8. Quick yard hunt

    Badges are always a fun find!
  9. Charging the WS6 Headphones

    Good post!
  10. Has Anyone tried the Deus2 in Fresh Water Lakes

    The Xp Deus II works very very well in freshwater. It is also by far the best Salt Water machine I have used! I love the fact that it's gold chains!
  11. Pulling the trigger on a Deus 2

    Great choice on the machine! I don't think there is a better machine out now than the XP Deus II! Your gonna love it! Definitely makes old pounded-out sites new again!
  12. I’ve Been Converted from 3 Tones to Square Pitch

    Great post here! I personally like four and five tones. It's all about personal preference and what works for you best.