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  1. Service Dept

    Hows everyone's experiences trying to get service from Minelab when something breaks? I had some pinpointer issues a while back and they were quick and thorough. However, on my latest issue I called two weeks ago, left my name, number and serial # just as they asked, 3 days later...nothing. So I...
  2. Nox Not Pairing

    Hey everyone, My year old Minelab ML 80 headphones stopped connecting to my nox. I thought the phones were broke, so I ordered another set. They don't connect either. I now assume it's the Nox's fault. Any advice? Thanks!
  3. Pin Point Question

    Hey Everyone, Am I correct in that the Nox pin-point function is a conical signal not unlike the concentric coil signal? It's not a DD signal so I don't have to turn 90 degrees when triangulating, right? Thanks!
  4. VDI Gold Bands

    I've only found two gold bands, both rang up as zincolns 20/21. People say gold rings up nickel-low. I understand the detector will raise the number on coin-shaped items but that much? Happy New Year!
  5. Reverb Changed on Minelab Phones

    Picked up a set of Minelab wireless ML 80 headphones to connect to my Nox 600. Worked well for a week...then all of a sudden they got a tremendous amount of reverb. The ML sounds are subtle enough without having to re-learn with reverb. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks!
  6. Unexpected Bench Results

    Hi, I thew a dug quarter onto the ground next to an allen wrench. Tried all the modes. Field1 picked it up strongest. I NEVER use Field1. I've been using Field2 around trashy cellar hole lips and Park1 or 5kHz away from the lip. I'll have to try Field1 in the old trash. :thumbsup:
  7. Swing Speed vs Recovery Speed

    Hello, I have the 600, my soil is very quiet, I use recovery 3 around trash and 2 in cleaner places. I usually slow my swing speed down when I go into 2 recovery. Sometimes slowing down quiets the machine...but many times I don't hear any falsing when I forget to slow is it the...
  8. Anyone versed in Nox and T2?

    Hi diggers, I spent eight years daily hunting with my trusty T2SE. I gave it up cold turkey as soon as the Nox came out. I was an early adopter, so have been running the Nox for a few years now. I've gone back my old sites with the Nox, and have done well, but it's hard to compare because the...
  9. Conductive Question

    Hi, I hunt old places where most small copper items (not coins) ring at 15-16. I always thought of copper as a high conductor but when they ring this low would Field/Park 1 be better than Field/Park 2 or the other way around? Thanks!
  10. Pinpointer as Deep as a Reg Mode?

    Hi All, Am I correct in thinking the center-pad pin-pointer does not go as deep as a regular mode? I.e. you can hear a deep target with say Park1, sens 23 but it's too deep for the pin-pointer. Thanks!
  11. Park Question

    I've mentioned in other threads that I'm now hunting deep silver/coins in 5kHz and using multi only to double check suspected bottle caps. Is this a reasonable plan? 5kHz seems to hit harder and deeper than multi BUT you have to double check bottle caps. Is anyone else primarily using 5kHz...
  12. I think the update changed other stuff.

    I think Minelab tightened up the bottle cap recognition in Field2 Multi, even without turning on the new iron bias thingy. It sounds different now.
  13. Noise Cancel EVERY time when switching kHz?

    I like to hunt pounded parks in 5 kHz then check tones in multi. Do I have to noise cancel every time I switch back and forth, or does a noise cancel in both 5 kHz and multi at the beginning of my hunt suffice? I use the 600. Thanks!
  14. Nox Finds 1783 Louis 16th, Shoe Buckle Frame

    I've found four or five 1600's French Liards but never this type of French coin. It's a 1 Sol. They were made from 1777-91. The buckle frame has a good amount of Sheffield silver still on it! Thanks!
  15. Iron falsing

    Hey everyone, Once in a while when I'm hunting low mineral, quiet dirt my 600 falses iron grunts to beat the band. At new sites I put the horse shoe all-metal on because I want to hear where the iron is. I find I can't determine what is real iron and what is falsing. These sites generally have...
  16. Side to Side when GBing?

    I saw someone say that in highly mineralized soil one could move the coil side to side instead of up and down while ground grabbing. Has anyone used this technique and does it work? Thanks!
  17. Mode and Frequency Question

    Hi, Does it matter which mode you're hunting in if you switch the frequency to 5kHz? Does it behave differently if I'm in Park1 and switch to 5kHz than if I'm in Park2 and switch to 5kHz? I ask because the mode I'm in stays highlighted even though I switch frequencies. Thanks!
  18. Two Questions

    Hello All, Two questions... 1 Does it matter the order I perform ground balance and noise cancellation? 2 After noise cancellation, then switch modes with another cancellation, do I have to re-noise cancel upon returning to my original mode? Thanks...and Happy New Year!!
  19. Fugio, KG,Fatty,Silver

    Happy Weekend! The last month I've been hunting for a non-profit foundation that runs a 300 year old farm. I've been finding lots of cool stuff but have to give up the finds. Today and yesterday mornings I finally got to detect for myself. This was a public freakin park!!! I know it was...
  20. MANY Hours With the 600

    I hunt almost everyday...and I was one of the early users. Thoughts- 1) in mild dirt there is nothing deeper. A major plus. 2) in highly fertilized fields I can't seem to get any deeper than my T2 used to go. 6in max. I thought multi would help here. 3) I still have no idea of size/depth on...