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  1. Watch me on Lost Gold of the Aztecs

    Am watching it this moment!
  2. Gold on Mars!

    Y'all are TOO LATE! Its all mine! MINE! I filed the claim years ago!
  3. Prospecting Safety - The Heat & The Snakes

    I have had many close encounters with rattlers. And heat stroke. Rattlers love tall green grass and shady areas and rocky areas.And Blackberry bushes. Potassium tablets are a must to take with water! Stomping the area with your feet is good, or a large stick. Poison Oak? Rub the area with wet...

    Thanks for the valuable info folks! Nothing worthwhile ever come easy!

    Me and buddy may be looking for Drakes treasure at Point Reyes, California. Anyone know anything about it? Doing research now.
  6. 113 Episodes and NOTHING found...

    Josh Gates never seems to find anything! He's just a glorified Tour Guide for TV! I only watch it when there is nothing else on.
  7. NPDES

  8. The Lost Ship of the Laguna Salada

    Tonite, the show is about the 'Lost Dutchman Mine' in the Superstitions! YAY! On SCI GO.
  9. If you could move where would it be work/prospecting "not prospecting for a living"

    The West is the best for gold! And you just can't beat California for gold!
  10. If you could move where would it be work/prospecting "not prospecting for a living"

    Yes! It is! My best bud does great at it, because; He is built like a bull, very strong, and smart as a whip. And has been doing it since he was a boy, Dad was a dredger on the N. Yuba. He works at it full time, winter and summer!And he has done a lot of research on it too. He has fallen off...
  11. The Lost Ship of the Laguna Salada

    Very interesting show! You can see the whole show; Just google; SCI GO; "Ghost Shp of the Damned" and VOILA! There it is!
  12. Shaker Tables?

    My best bud bought a used shaker table recently. But it came in parts and he had to reassemble it and a welder has to seal it all together. He has tons of Yuba River sand to run and should pay off real well.
  13. Grand Canyon Gold

    I doubt there is much gold in the Grand canyon. It is all sedimentary sandstone there. I could be wrong.
  14. Home Depot sand, won't get rich, but it was fun!!!

    I live in Grass Valley. I will get some sand from the local quarry and run it on my buds shaker table and see what it produces. I already know it has gold in it. It comes from the Greenhorn River, I believe. Decomposed granite.
  15. Yellow Sludge Fouling the Yuba River!

    The Killham Mine area is old, exposed hydraulic diggings. And we did have two early fall rains recently in September! This has lessened the fire danger, at least temporarilly.
  16. Gold is where you find it!

    More like; GOLD IS IF YOU FIND IT! Its elusive and rare for a reason! But if you look for it where no man has gone since the gold Rush that has a history of gold, you are likely to find it! THAT IS A BIG KEY, my fellow gold fiends! And is what the top gold getters will all tell you!

    October 17! Bering Sea Gold is on now! I liked the "Parker's Trail" series, wish they would bring it back. The future belongs to Parker, and not Toad Hoffman!
  18. Yellow Sludge Fouling the Yuba River!

    My best bud told me that there has been severe thunderstorms dropping a lot of rain lately from Sierra Buttes and vicinity.He knows because he got caught in them!
  19. Yellow Sludge Fouling the Yuba River!

    NEVADA COUNTY, Calif. — The South Yuba River is yellow -- yes, yellow -- in Nevada County, prompting officials to issue a no swim advisory on Friday for the waterway. The discoloration and high opacity are apparent in the river from below the town of Washington to Englebright...
  20. Bearing Sea Gold starts 9/17

    Parker's Trail was real good! It was heartwarming to see how he helped the local natives avoid mercury poisoning! That was the best PR for us gold fiends we could ever get, who are so often portrayed as greedy, self serving fools who poison the environment!