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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED know anything about

    Thanks mine is broken at the top left not sure if broken in any other part
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED know anything about

    It’s tiny like a pin you’d put on a hat or shirt
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED know anything about

    Found this pin buried 8-9 inches deep at a 1812 house . It’s one property over from a early 1700s house anyone have any info on this pin orbits age? Thank you
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Metal object ???

    Found this in the woods behind a old house/property found tombac buttons and a 1850 large cent I have no idea what this is other than a guess maybe it was a scarf clip it’s kinda heavy though
  5. 1756 mill site

    Thanks for the great Id much aporeciated
  6. 1756 mill site

    Dug this at a 1756 mill site I have no idea what it was thinking a cane handle has a glass ball attached with iron set like a diamond ring
  7. Found in spring

    Anyone have any idea what year this could have been from ? Found stuff 1850s and up it?s pretty heavy and I don?t see any maker name on it . Has anyone ever seen one like this ? Is it a toy or something else? Thanks for looking
  8. Anyone recognize this?

    Thank you everyone ! Much appreciated
  9. Anyone recognize this?

    Anyone ever seen this ? Is it a coin? Or what does it symbolize
  10. Anyone seen this before?

    Awesome I’d and I really appreciate it was that used to make a gun? Or for furniture?
  11. Anyone seen this before?

    Found this on a very old property property was purchased in 1790 and their son was a soldier in the war of 1812 they bred championship trotting horses and had a early hotel that burnt down in 1916 I have no idea what this is any help appreciated
  12. Ring

    Thanks so it’s modern?
  13. Ring

    It’s not letting me add ring face photos
  14. Ring

    Ring face is two photos one one way then flipped the other way
  15. Ring

    Found this signet ring? yesterday anyone have any idea it’s age or what the intials/symbol means also inside the band is something written I used a coin microscope to zoom but still can’t read it maybe someone on here will recognize it thanks for the helo property could have 1700-now l
  16. Anyone know what these were

    Thanks for the info I appreciate it
  17. Anyone know what these were

    The tavern dates from approx 1730-1805 they are found at the tavern site like most likely where it stood but I find different sized ones and also more than a few of them they aren’t threaded . Just wondering if it had to do with the construction of the tavern or something else I think they are...
  18. Anyone know what these were

    I’ve been finding these at a early tavern site different sizes anyone know what they were used for diamond shaped on one end. thanks
  19. Any help appreciated

    I will clean it up tomorrow the screw things do seem strange but this place was about 1730s to about 1805 they built another house across the street in about 1805 no one knows when the tavern disappeared but mostly everything I’ve found is 1730-1802 ish I did find one fatty indian cent but...
  20. Any help appreciated

    Magnifier I saw a picture one used to weight down and read maps that would be awesome could be from Washington as he used this for a few weeks as a temp headquarters or someone in the cont army hope I can find out it’s age