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  1. ALTM

    ALTM Up 200% since Covid crash and still a long way to go to where it was previously....worth a look
  2. Another pointy thing

    Hundred million degrees outside today managed to see this while passing out from the heat. This one does show flaking - sorry for crappy pics. Not sure if it's a thing itself, or a just broken piece from a larger thing. Not very exciting, I know...but that's how it is here. LOL
  3. A little ball

    OK my last oddity... found among flakes etc...
  4. Looks like 3 notches maybe...

    A less lame post than my last one...
  5. Tools or ?

    So I posted these before (the tan chirt one and the larger obsidian one) Was curious about them because I found them in the same location and not another one in any other place I've been. And then again in the same location a third one (also obsidian) ?? I try not to see things that...
  6. Tooth find. Black Molar...can you ID for me? Thanks!

    Found this a couple days ago washed up on the beach in Washington. Searched google and here without much luck. Wolf? Black enamel up top worn down to root...
  7. A drill thing?

    A couple heart breakers (obsidian) and a drill (?) (Not obsidian-not sure what material it is.)
  8. Kind of an interesting find

    I found these two pieces next to each other. The scraper looking thing is quartz which is a bit rare here. The other piece I about tossed aside until I looked closer. The edge is worked, it's a funky sort of semi-uniface knife. Not sure the material, as it's also not something I have seen here.
  9. What do you think of these?

    Found on the same day in the same area. They looked worked but not extensively...Just thought it was curious how similar they are. Should have put something for size reference, they are a bit larger than a quarter.
  10. couple small ones.....

    I'm telling you, one of these days i'll find one that is not BROKEN!!!!! of these'll see..... :laughing7:
  11. Collection....

    A guy I met found this collection in a storage locker that was part of an estate auction.... I traded a shotgun for it. Some pretty cool stuff here. And some strange looking things as well. Many are broken, unfortunately. Rock, you had mentioned in another thread that it my come in handy to...
  12. What do you think of this.....

    A broken grey chert piece. Hard to get good pics but flaked longways almost an octagon... and sort of rounded off at top. First 4 pics it is standing up....last one shows the break laying down
  13. what do you think of this?

    The large stone was standing out like a sore thumb, I flipped it over and it is dished out.... The smaller stone was also strange for the area but not as interesting.
  14. The wife's first finds

    Recently getting my wife involved with the hunt. Second time out (first time was a bust) she found these...I think she's hooked! I rough drew what I believed they would have been like when we could get a visual
  15. it pays to pick up small flakes.... they may not be flakes!
  16. Broken translucent thing

    Found this in an area where I have previously only found obsidian flakes. In fact I've never seen something of this material around here that I can remember. Bummer that it's broken. One day I'm gonna find something in one piece! What you guys/gals think? Knife/scraper?
  17. Axe, large scraper and some other thing

    Here are a few more that my new found friend showed me. The axe from Arizona and the other two from Oregon.... What do you guys/gals think of the stone with the groove?
  18. Cool artifacts.....

    I sold a tool to an older gentleman today...we talked for a bit and then when I was leaving his house I saw a grindstone type rock by his front porch. "Is that a grindstone?" That led to more conversation and seemed I wasn't going to get back to work as soon as I thought as he invited me back...
  19. What is it?

    Win a thumbs up if you get it in one guess . :icon_thumright: