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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Copper Square Pc with "5" Stamped on it.

    Copper piece 13/16 x 15/16" x .0585" Thick and stamped with "5" with score line and lip at top which looks like it may have been another score line where a piece was perhaps broken off?? Nothing on back. Found on working farm from later 1700's to 1800's that became a park in early 1900's with...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Copper/Brass Ribbon with Attaching Buckle

    Both Ribbon and Attaching Buckle are Copper/Brass and non-ferrous. The Ribbon is 1/2" Wide and .012" thick. Attaching Buckle is 7/8" wide x 1" long and .027" thick Was found about 6" down in compacted ground where cars parked for years at a local church. The property had a one-room school on it...
  3. 1864 2-Cent Piece - First one I ever found

    Found at old farm/park this morning about 8 inches down (a couple of square nails in hole as well....) Any way to clean the black off without damaging coin??
  4. What is this??

    This is 2-piece Copper (at least non-magnetic) and slightly curved like say a belt buckle. The back view shows the 4 tabs that hold it to the front to the flat inner piece. I found it about 12-14" down at a house built in 1850. Any ideas on what it may be??? Thanks!!!
  5. VMI CADET Button Found - R.W. Robinson on back - Civil War??

    About 7" down by a huge old oak tree in the parking lot of a Mennonite Church that has been there (several different buildings over the years) since early 1825. Interesting that this button was there as Mennonites are pacifists....???