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  1. Season 9

    There is something really suspicious going on. They seem to find garbage pieces of gold junk during the tiny 3-4" drilling, but nothing with the gigantic drilling project in the same locations. I'm just saying, something is not right.
  2. Season 9

    I have no doubt some past searchers "seeded" the pits and tunnels at some point. Thus, the very "junky" pieces of metal testing positive for gold are suspicious. Gold was also used to "plate" inexpensive items. It would be interesting to test the water of surrounding sinkholes and see what the...
  3. Season 9

    I'm enjoying the Oak Island comedy show. All we need for next season is for Bill Murry to show up and apply his sense of humor to the dig. It's kind of fun watching them dig through Dunfield's garbage pit. I wish he would have thrown some beer cans in the pit before he covered it up. Not a...
  4. Season 9

    I'm surprised no one has tried to seek (or found) the dumps people used while on the island. There had to be outhouses and dumps, although people did not throw away a lot of stuff like now days.
  5. Season 9

    It all went to hell after the blonde archaeologist departed. I'm just saying.
  6. Season 9

    For the first time, I find myself fast-forwarding through the recorded episodes. If you watch carefully, you can see the wood has already been ripped / splintered apart, likely when Dunfield tore everything up down to 140 feet and threw the debris back into the pit.
  7. Season 9

    I'm sorry, but I cannot stop cracking up at them digging up the debris from Robert Dunfield's 1965 140 feet deep by 100 foot diameter open pit. This of course is never mentioned, just like all the debris washed ashore into the swamp from hundreds of years of shipwrecks in the Atlantic. I'm...
  8. Season 9

    They are wasting time in the swamp. I believe many of the ship parts they are finding are debris from storm-wrecked ships over hundreds of years and deposited on the island. Hurricanes (and their debris) often end up in that vicinity.
  9. Season 9

    I think we are seeing the set-up for the end of the show. They now have an exit strategy with the Government preventing them from digging. I noticed during the last show they were concerned with speeding things up, as if they know next year's permissions may be nixed. I'm assuming they will drop...
  10. Season 9

    Someone beat me to the punch about Robert Dunfield. He dug the pit area to a depth of 134 feet by 100 feet wide. They indeed never mention how his mammoth project erased almost any hope of finding enough information in the pit to make sense of shaft structures. They always treat the drilling...
  11. Season 9

    They better be making that kind of money because I seriously doubt they will retain much of an actual treasure if found. Even with agreements from the Canadian Government, Spain, England, France, Portugal, Et al., will just claim it's their "National Heritage" and good bye treasure, or good bye...
  12. Suggestion for post-hurricane metal detector

    Thanks everyone. I'm amazed at how few of the "top" detectors don't break down enough to fit in normal luggage. I'm assuming the manufacturers think everyone is hunting locally. Right now, I'm leaning towards the Safari or Equinox.
  13. Suggestion for post-hurricane metal detector

    Hello everyone. I'm a full time storm chaser / hurricane chaser who has done some limited detector searching on the east and west coasts. To give a brief family background, my uncle was likely the first person to use a metal detector in the San Diego region after WWII. He was involved in land...
  14. US Court: Shipwreck Found off Florida Belongs to France

    The finders should post the exact GPS locations and let everyone go for it. Problem solved. Seriously, this is a major ripoff.
  15. Forrest Fenn s treasure

    You nailed it. Plus, no one is going to hide a $2 million treasure on Federal, State or Private land. He has no love for Government agencies -- documented from past FBI dealings. Good luck ever getting your money back as the courts and IRS investigators will tie-up the claim for years. And...
  16. I'm reaching the breaking point with Oak Island bout you ?

    It seems to me that the treasure hunting community is plagued by a **similar** problem the UFO community has. There are genuine unknown objects that are never identified (not saying they are from space) and obvious bogus stories that are either made up or lack any form of factual proof or...
  17. Pastor Searching For Forrest Fenn Treasure Missing

    He did comment when people began digging up old outhouses looking for clues re: "Under the brown." He made it clear it was not under an old poop pile. Maybe the old bottles people found were actually worth something! For what it's worth, and slightly off topic, I have not spent a lot of time...
  18. Pastor Searching For Forrest Fenn Treasure Missing

    I like that theory best!... Or, Fenn can call me and let me know where it is and this will all be over (:
  19. Pastor Searching For Forrest Fenn Treasure Missing

    Thanks for the civil response. I'm just saying that if someone plants a "confirmed" hidden treasure, I think it's a great idea. There is no liability because it actually exists. If people do stupid things, you are right, it's on them. But if someone "says" they hid a treasure, and the clues...
  20. Pastor Searching For Forrest Fenn Treasure Missing

    I certainly did not post to be insulted. Creating a fake treasure hunt is wrong. The other treasure quests you mention are based on fact or history, excluding the Lost Dutchman which was also a fake. The geology of that specific region does not support such mineral deposits. I have no idea how...