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  1. Anyone make a 4 foot gold pan for fines?

    Look up the Sweep Jig built by Idaho JIm
  2. Gold Ore

    I`m confused.
  3. Questions on an old hookah set up

    There is a lot of great info on this thread. I might actually come up with a useable hookah system thanks to the ideas shared here. We have a T 80 compressor and nothing to go with it. So first it was a clean able stainless corny keg and ball lock fittings for it. Found some Kuri-tec food...
  4. Username Change

    Hello here is another request for a name change. From here on out I would like to be known as Couch Potato Thanks for your assistance.
  5. It was a Good Week

    Thats a nice find. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  6. Washington beach mining-

    A new Gold and Fish rule book was published in May 2021. Please note that this pamphlet does NOT authorize the use of any motorized or gravity siphon equipment or methods (including, but not restricted to, suction dredges, dryland dredges, gravity dredges, power sluice/suction dredge...
  7. Washington beach mining-

    3 . Except as noted below you may use only non-motorized hand-held mineral prospecting tools and the following non-motorized mineral prospecting equipment:(a)Pans;( b)Sluices, non-motorized concentrators, rocker boxes, and high-bankers with riffle areas totaling ten square feet or less...
  8. Question about bilge pump for recirc unit.

    No need for a float switch.
  9. Washington : No New Rules this Year !

    Notice to Mineral Prospectors (apologies if this is a duplicate message): We are contacting you because of your interest in the outcome of WDFW’s proposed Hydraulic Code rules relating to suction dredge mining in Washington. WDFW is postponing adoption of proposed rules that would require...
  10. 🥇 BANNER 1851 Quarter Eagle GOLD

    Nice find there, any US Gold coin is worth a banner in my book.
  11. West coast storms ------- Forecasting up to 10 ft in SIERRAS = WATCHOUT !

    WPMA Monroe show has been re scheduled to the last weekend in February. This will be my first one.
  12. Ever hear of bucketing?

    Well when it's too late for more coffee it's a good time to start the mornings cold brew. Not too hard to do. Put some grinds in some water and soak it overnight. Strain it and warm it up on the stove. Good for a slightly different flavor from the same old grinds. Good luck. You could...
  13. Trev's Beach Box, Gravety Well Sluice.

    Still have a few more changes to make.. Maybe a near complete re do. The Green mat is veranda carpet. Need to get more of that stuff. Not sure about when it will get a sea trial.
  14. Trev's Beach Box, Gravety Well Sluice.

    I did read Trev`s writing studied his pictures and was inspired to build the above contraption. But have not tried it out at the beach or even with real sand going thru it. I do like the water flow in it...
  15. man trapped in west Arizona mine shaft since Monday

    Regardless of how he got in there I bet he is real happy to be out. Hope he heals up good as new.
  16. A case of mistaken Identity

    Well played sir.
  17. patching holes in pontoons

    If you just want to fill in some unused factory holes then well nuts are a good place to start. Probably a quarter inch well nut will fit in the factory holes. That`s just a guess you might want to measure first.
  18. 1st noogie with a detector.....

    That`s a beauty. Great First Nug.
  19. Washington removing Suction Dredging from Gold & Fish Pamphlet

    The Gold and Fish Pamphlet is still our HPA for this year. New rules might be out for 2019. Lots of back room back stabbin likely to go on between now and then...
  20. Question about battery operating time.

    Many lithium batteries with cobalt as one of the ingredients do charge to 4.2 volts per cell and bottom out around 3.5 volts. But lifep04 has no cobalt and has a full charge voltage of 3.65 volts and low end can be as low as 2.5 volts. Plus high cycle life is possible.