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  1. Cool find at estate sale a furnace

    Had to buy it at $5.00 bucks Its marked WESGO Type 12 120 Volts serial # 275 Max Watts 550 WESTERN GOLD & PLATINUM WORKS San Francisco Calif Power cord needs some fixin - I'm thinking it may be wrapped in asbestos ? Gloves n95 will be used. Going to fix cord and see if it works or trips a...
  2. 1965 Mining journal

    Cool find at an estate sale. Looks like we had some of the same problems then as we do now. Inflation - corruption - immorality - socialism Cheers Mike
  3. 20 acre section question

    How would one describe the red highlighted 20 acre claim. Can it be done like this ? Does this look right ? E 1/4 SW 1/4 NE 1/4 E 1/4 NE 1/4 SE 1/4 SEC. 20 T.10S.,R21E.,MDM I am dyslexic or as I like to joke lessdickic and having a hard time with this. Cheers Mike
  4. Gold Pan collection

    I can't help it I'm a collector so don't ask why. Most were bought at yard sales with the exception of the two Green Garrett Gravity trap and super sluice. I have 53 in pictures and 2 not shown for a total of 55 My favorites 1) 14" black Proline Professional 2) 14" Garrett Gravity trap...
  5. 20 acres per locator LAW

    From BLM "The maximum size is 20 acres per locator". Can someone point me to the actual law about one single person locator for 20 acres. Trying to figure out how an 80 acre claim can have just one locator. I know I have asked this question before but looking for the actual law. Cheers Mike
  6. Mods read this malware

    Fake firefox update Read about it here THIS HAPPENED TO ME 7/19/2020 7:45 AM. I was on the Drywasher forum when it happened. lucky for me I know not to click on this sort of thing. Please fix your problem Mike
  7. covid 19 Drywasher build

    Well I'm stuck at home not in the gold country with a stay at home order. Might as well build another drywasher as i had about 1/3 bucket of un-run dirt I knew had some fine gold in it. This time I went with a 1\4" hopper screen as the spots I'm working only seem to give up very fine gold ---...
  8. Digging down to rock bottom

    Sorry -- I thought a laugh would be good in these crazy times. :laughing7:
  9. Help me identify what this is - was

    Found in a creek as a kid in the SF bay area. May have been Miwok. Very well made and looks to be granite. The shiny thing in the pic is a quarter for size (the flash went off). Cheers Mike
  10. Withdrawn from mineral entry database question

    How can I fine out if an area is withdrawn -- New claim markers have been posted on a spot I go that that is marked with BLM signs saying entering Recreational Mining area and leaving Recreational Mining area. I met the new owner (nice guy) he says there is no record of it being withdrawn from...
  11. 2020 vision

    My vision is to see more gold in the pan. Hope your pans do to. Happy New Year. :icon_thumleft:Cheers Mike:icon_thumright:
  12. Flip the switch lower Kern river flow turned off

    Wish I would have known about this in advance -- the lower Kern river was turned off today as the army corps of engineers are working on the Dam for Lake Isabella. Look's like a three hour 3pm to 5pm dig like a mad man opportunity just pay attention when the flip the switch back on. I heard the...
  13. Drywasher was working well

    I'm amazed with how small the gold is my drywasher catches. This came out of about a 25 gallon run. Cheers Mike
  14. New TV show -- Dave turin's lost mines

    Starts in April - I'll watch it as I love seeing gold
  15. Desert Fox panning wheel testing it what do ya think

    I picked up just the stand and Blue Wheel of a Desert Fox Gold panning wheel at a yard sale last fall and this has been my winter project. On my 1st run it did not catch all so I added some weather stripping to hold the material in longer and not as easy for it to escape. Ran a small amount of...
  16. Proof of discovery question

    Is there a way to see if a claim owner has filed Proof of discovery. Would that show up on the LR2000 ? -- or the county recorder's office ? -- or ?
  17. Just thought I would wake the forum up

    Did some digging and ran about 3 five gallons buckets. The hole The tool The take That one little picker is in matrix Mike
  18. Gold Miner on my CA License

    Just got my CA Drivers License in the mail. Was surprised to see a gold miner use in the background graphics. This state was built on mining what the hell went wrong. Mike
  19. Anyone use one of these -- Osterberg's quick gold

    It's an Osterberg's quick gold . I picked this up at a garage sale and tried it out but can't get the mini dredge part to work. It's a small scale fluid bed that settles the heavy stuff to the bottom and then you dredge the light stuff off the top. Work's real good as a drywash cons cleaner...
  20. Question for you beach miners -- salt water

    Thinking of doing a small recirculating set up, the creek I was using last year Is not flowing yet -- so have any of you used salt water in your set up. I'm aware salt water has more buoyancy but was thinking it would all be relative. Stuff Ill be working it's on clay Set up Ill be using