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  1. Use of beach wet for modern trash hunting

    I am not surprised.
  2. Problem with use of 60 tones adjusting tone break

    This video shows what I think is a problem and also confirms use of actual tone pitch menu option works correctly. There was some confusion. Some folks thought I was adjusting/using tone pitch menu option to show problem, not true.
  3. Garrett has released new pulse induction detector called the Axiom.
  4. Video showing new WSA style headphones

    I don’t know.
  5. Video showing new WSA style headphones

  6. Version 0.71 available.

    Ws6 stays paired after update. Custom programs remain intact it seems.
  7. Calabash Test Debunked!

    Only thing bunked was whoever did the video above.
  8. Deus 2 version .7 available

    A free chicken dinner. Lol