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  1. Anybody buying CRYPTO like DOGE Coin?

    Hello Arc.... It seems I've always had this bad habit of wanting to share information with others. Money means nothing to me anymore. I do need to stop that I suppose. You see....I know full well the evil of the entities behind all that we see in this world. The dollar has never been any...
  2. Anybody buying CRYPTO like DOGE Coin?

    With the way things are going, we may not need to sell the crypto. Companies are issuing debit cards for crypto, where you can use the crypto to purchase with. At this stage in the game though, I find it hard to want to sell anything until a much later time, when prices have reached a...
  3. Anybody buying CRYPTO like DOGE Coin?

    And....the way Safemoon is set up, you will receive free tokens daily. There's a lot of attention been given Safemoon, especially on Twitter and other social media.
  4. Anybody buying CRYPTO like DOGE Coin?

    This is my strategy concerning penny cryptos. If I see one that has a lot of interest in it, and I decide to purchase it on the low side, I wait till the price shoots up and I sell a portion of it to cover what I put into it, along with a profit, then what I have left is free money (crypto)...
  5. Anybody buying CRYPTO like DOGE Coin?

    The dollar has zero assets also....not backed by anything. There is really no difference. Gold and silver may be physical assets, but they too are only worth what people are willing to pay for it. All money and products are only worth what people are willing to pay bad do you want...
  6. Anybody buying CRYPTO like DOGE Coin?

    It's very easy to sign up on an exchange other than Paypal. When we see Coinbase adding doge, we know it won't be long before the price will go higher. Doge is also being grouped on the Flare Network, along with XRP. If you haven't heard about the Flare Network, then it would be wise to learn...
  7. Anybody buying CRYPTO like DOGE Coin?

    For anyone thinking that cryptos aren't worth the investment. First of all....cryptos will be the money of the future, and that future is here....whether we agree with it or not. At present.....this is only the beginning of the change from paper money to digital money. Everything we see in...
  8. Are You Wearing A Mask Yet?

    Unfortunately it won't be put to a vote by the peons. LOL
  9. Are You Wearing A Mask Yet?

    Everything you just said is your opinion. Everyone has one. My conclusions include several years of research so far, and also 40 years of studying that book we can't mention on TN, unless we are in the right forum. If you don't realize that the so-called world is working together on this, then...
  10. Are You Wearing A Mask Yet?

    How do you question the numbers if you're not getting info from the net or mainstream news?
  11. Are You Wearing A Mask Yet?

    If you don't see that the numbers have been falsified, then you're not spending any time on the internet looking. It's all over twitter, youtube, facebook. Of course, they are doing their best to censor anyone and everyone from posting the truth about all this. When has the public ever been the...
  12. Are You Wearing A Mask Yet?

    If you believe that way, then it is obvious you haven't done any research. It is most obvious if you look into it. Did you know that Tom Hanks did a movie in 2011 named "Larry Crowne"? In the movie his name was changed to Lance Corona. The word Corona means "crown". In the movie the number 311...
  13. Are You Wearing A Mask Yet?

    Maybe this info might wake you and think about when they knew this was coming. The planned demic. Why..for what reason did they do this? And...should we trust what they tell us?
  14. Are You Wearing A Mask Yet?

  15. Are You Wearing A Mask Yet?

    Self Explanatory:
  16. ✅ SOLVED Mystery belt buckle

    The video to see this buckle when it was found .... Green Mountain Metal Detecting on youtube.
  17. Paranormal stories

    I can't tell if you're talking to me or A2coins. My post is serious. I'm very God oriented. I know that spirits exist, they are all around us. They are not people though, dead people can't communicate with the living (so says the Bible), and it's never wrong. Any entity you encounter in this...
  18. Pretty intense aerosol spraying..

    I totally agree with you Chris. I've taken many pictures also of the same thing. They block out the sun. Regular contrails dissipate and don't spread out like the ones in your pics. Sadly, too many people just think this is normal, and automatically brand you as a conspiracy theorist. Many...
  19. Paranormal stories

    Here is my picture and the story behind it. I have a Nikon P900 camera and decided that I wanted to play around with infrared photography. I ordered an infrared lens for my camera, and as soon as it arrived I installed it and proceeded to go out into my yard and take some photos with it. I had a...
  20. Leather Craft for digging tools

    Adding Gun holsters.....always need one of these when in the woods.