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  1. American Gold: The Legend of Bear Gulch

    Anybody else watching this series? It's on Wednesday night on Fox Business. So far I am really enjoying the show.
  2. Lost City of Paititi....................The greatest treasure hunt of our lifetime.

    In 2001, Mario Polia, an Italian archaeologist, found a letter in the archives of the Vatican. It was a manuscript of the mid-sixteenth century of the Spanish Jesuit Andrés López. This letter recounts a 10-day trip that the Incas made between Cuzco and Paititi, a kingdom or a city where there...
  3. Detector with no discrimination?

    Looking for a detector that does not discriminate ANYTHING except hot rocks, and that goes deep. Any suggestions?
  4. Survival Tips for Treasure Hunters

    There are many survival experts that offer great advice if you never leave the trail. However, when it comes to treasure hunting, it is necessary to get off the beaten trail and trek into the unknown. Once you step off the trail, the situation changes, and following advice of the experts could...