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  1. Civil War Item?

    Found this item this past week along the escape route General Morgan used while fleeing the Battle of Buffington Island. It’s square and slightly over 1”. The one end is mushroomed a bit like it had possibly been struck with a hammer. The other end is pointed, but is also bent. I put my pin...
  2. Civil War Token

    Found this Civil War token metal detecting in Allegan, Michigan yesterday. Obverse "The Federal Union It Must Be Preserved 1863" Reverse "Our Union"
  3. ✅ SOLVED Harness Buckle???

    I found this metal detecting an 1837 homestead last Friday. I think it’s some kind of harness buckle for a horse or oxen. Any idea on what it is?
  4. ✅ SOLVED Round Brass End

    I found this other day and don’t have a clue as to what it is. I believe it is brass. A friend of mine found the exact same thing 100 miles away on the same day. Anyone know what it is?
  5. ✅ SOLVED Chase & Sanborns Printing Plate?

    I found this printing plate/stamp or whatever it is today at an 1837 homestead. The print on it is reversed. I took a picture of it in the mirror so I could read what it says. Anyone know what it is and when it would have been made/used?
  6. ✅ SOLVED Bobby Dazzler - Need Help With Age and Origin

    I found this broach at an 1840's homestead last night. Any idea on when it may have been made and the origins? Is the white possibly ivory?
  7. 800 and Sideways Coins

    I have the same issue as this guy does. Doesn't pick up high coins on the side in multi, but picks up the low value ones in multi. When I go to single frequency like the video, it hits the high value coins on the side. ??? Anyone else having this issue? What about the 600's?
  8. ✅ SOLVED What Is This Ring

    Friend of mine found this ring tonight while we hunted a spot that had a school house in 1874. The school was used all the way up through the 1960’s and was taken down in 2005. I believe it is copper and it was sized for a child. It has an adjustable band. Chinese, Japanese or some other...
  9. Rich Orange Warranted Button Help

    Friend of mine found this button in Detroit this weekend. We believe it’s from the war of 1812. Any information on it?
  10. ✅ SOLVED Horstmann Phila - What Years?

    Anyone have any idea on what years is this Horstmann Phila button?
  11. Equinox Custom Settings Spread Sheet

    While I am patiently waiting for my Equinox 800 to show up, I created a custom spread sheet to write down all of my custom settings I will some day be discovering. Save it to you computer and print it off.
  12. Swinging Detectors In Michigan

    Wanted to take a quick second and introduce myself. I swing detectors in SW(Otsego) Michigan. I currently swing a Whites MXT but have an Equinox 800 on order. Been having a good year so far. 1878 and 1902 IHP's, 1877 seated liberty, 1902 Barber quarter and a 1917 buffalo nickel. I found one...