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  1. I would like to know more about this... I just found this in the garage while cleaning.

    maybe it was fake and he was hoping someone on here would say I'll give you a hundred for it
  2. Dateless Standing Liberty Quarter

    also what Mckenny_5900 said do a acid test on the date field it will pull to date out
  3. Dateless Standing Liberty Quarter

    the 3 stars below the eagle means it was minted between 1917-1930 I would say it was a pedestal date and not recessed. Ped.datesare1917-1924. hope this helps to narrow it down some. Cause if the date was a pedestal recessed you would still see it since it would be stamped into the coin
  4. Native American Grind Stone With Possible Art

    looks like both a rind stone and a tool sharpener. I have one looks about the same with fewer lines and deeper grooves. Chris a Indian artifacts friend let mw know what mine was. nice find
  5. Huge piece of Gold Ore (22kt - 5lbs)

    looks like one of those old timers threw out a muddy rock and you uncovered it. congrats do a specific gravity tests on it will tell you just how much gold you have
  6. 🥇 BANNER 80 early copper coins cache.

    Banner vote here also. you know that a 1800's something copper sold at auctions 15 years ago for 120 k will have to look it up for you. Yeh I know its not all about the money . yehhhh right
  7. Ohio Newbie

    I am in Morrow county
  8. Ohio Newbie

    Congrats and welcome to the site central NW corner of Ohio
  9. Help with this quarter please???

    ok so your quarter is a mint error once I find my book I will let you know what its called do not spend it
  10. Bronze cannon site

    brass and bronz is going for 3.75 a pound. If you don't scrape them sell to a museum and ask them to fund you dive site. May be silver and maybe gold down there. You will never know unless you go looking I would surely get one and research the markings and claim the site
  11. 1916 mercury

    nice hunt you had look for another. Not sure the item can't make it out
  12. What is on my property???

    as in the pole I would say an old telephone pole they replace the land owners got it and turned it into a clothes line if you know who the owners was get me that info and I can research it for you
  13. What is on my property???

    pulley system is a clothes line the Amish and meninites used from the corner of there house to the top of a pull. Or from the top of a pole to a near by tree they do not like to carry the clothes to far hope that helps with the pully and also I would either say a building keystone.
  14. ❎ SOLD For Sale New Garrett pro pointer with warranty card

    email me your address so i can send mo. do not have paypal
  15. 1806 Heraldic Eagle Draped Bust 25 C

    value from a 2010 red book shows150.00 to 400.00
  16. Early Baseball Player photo Who IS this??????

    his belt is on his right side also I would have to guess TY Cobb
  17. Any Ohio Hunters Out There.

    Morrow county here a good distance from you both