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  1. Lead point

    Yeah I can kind of see that too but still not sure. Thanks. With river detecting I do find a lot of parts. Parts of things that have probably broken up in the water. So I find a lot of things that are difficult to identify.
  2. Lead point

    Yeah I can kind of see that with the shape but the flare and being made of lead makes me think it’s something else. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Native American Thunderbird Pendant?

    Found the same exact one about 2 months ago. Tail was broken off of mine too. I think I read these could have started in the 50-60s. Still a good find. Good add to a collection.
  4. Lead point

    Still gray in color because it was in the sand in the river. Almost 6 inches in length, flares out to about a half an inch width and about half an inch tall. Appears to be broken off of something longer. At first I thought it was bayonet related but realized it was lead. Almost looks like a...
  5. Question out of the blue on an arrowhead

    That is an amazing find. Beautiful point.
  6. Question out of the blue on an arrowhead

    I recently found an arrowhead in West Virginia. I was told on the Native American artifacts forum, on here, it was probably a Morrow Mountain type 2, named after a mountain in North Carolina. It also made me wonder how it got here. Maybe the same wide spread tribe or allies that traded? Or...
  7. More relics from the high waters including some nice amethyst jewelry.

    River was up from a few days of hard rain but it’s finally coming back down enough to look for relics. I have dug a lot of recently deposited spoons, lock pieces, watch pieces, including a vintage wrist watch, buckles, and other relics. Most of it’s really toastie but will make good additions...
  8. Piece of wood from flood.

    Lol I understand. Regretfully I left it laying but hid it in bushes just in case.
  9. ✅ SOLVED Piece of wood from flood.

    Ignore this. Posted a dupe for some reason
  10. Piece of wood from flood.

    Found on the river bank today. I suspect it’s older due to the mortise tenon holes. Some still practice this type of work but the piece appears older. Just thought it was neat and would post. I left it laying because I didn’t feel like carrying it out. Lol.
  11. Eagle button ID

    Not sure. There is what people call a chicken eagle with a long neck. I’ve mainly seen them facing the other direction though. The chicken eagle was more common after civil war, during the Indian Wars. I’ve never ran across this one. Interesting. If I find any info I’ll post back.
  12. Small caliber shell. Possibly for a civil war revolver

    Well maybe a U. Could be an H. Hard to tell. Scratched up some. I can see the two posts going up.
  13. Small caliber shell. Possibly for a civil war revolver

    Yeah I just finally made it out. It’s a U. For the Union Metallic company. Attached the picture but it will be hard to make out
  14. Small caliber shell. Possibly for a civil war revolver

    Trying to get a closer picture.
  15. Small caliber shell. Possibly for a civil war revolver

    Sorry guys. No caliper yet. Looks like it could be a 32 caliber Smith and Wesson model 2 revolver shell and casing. 3 rings near the base. Very small caliber though. Also maybe a 22 caliber type 1 but the casing looks different from those. Eye balled it on the river edge today after the...
  16. Day 2 at my new spot

    Closest thing I can find in the catalogues I have is a team pad (collar) piece. But it’s not exact and probably not related. If I run across anything I’ll post back.
  17. Day 2 at my new spot

    That’s a good day. Nice buckle and buttons. The other piece, not sure. I’m sure everyone’s first instinct is harness and tack related because of the leather. I’ll look through some old tack catalog sites I have saved, see if it pops up.
  18. Possible Indian Trade Necklaces?

    Keep working the area because it sounds like you may be near the house site. I believe slate roofing was mainly common before mid 19th century.
  19. Possible Indian Trade Necklaces?

    I have found copper discs like this on older home sites. Mine were more uniform in shape so yours may be different, yours are more crudely made (almost hand made) . I’ve read they used to use copper spacers between the slate on the roofs.
  20. Some sweet silver and a nice Indian Head.

    Thanks Crusader. Odd how it ended up here in the states. Maybe something brought back from one of the World Wars