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  1. I have been to Storage locker sales near me

    A former co-worker of mine owned a storage place with his family and they definitely went through the lockers before auctioning them off. Then again, this was before the whole "Storage Wars" craze started.
  2. Some things at Garage sales people need to be aware of.

    When my father collected books years ago when I was little we had a deal. He got the books and I got whatever was stuck in them. Got a number of postcards, advertisements and newspaper articles.
  3. Post your $1 (or less) Finds Here w/ Sold For Prices

    Picked up a box of misc stuff at auction the other day for $2.50 and got myself a nice HDMI cable in the lot. That covered the cost of the box, but the best items were the new, high quality TDK and Maxell cassette tapes. I threw them up on Ebay this evening and in 18 minutes sold off a 5 pack of...
  4. Have you ever not picked up coins from a Coinstar?

    I know this could sound like heresy, but have any of you seen coins in the reject tray and just said, "Nah. I'll leave 'em."? I know that I have on more than one occasion when the only coin in there is a mangled zincoln or 2.
  5. Congressional Pin

    I had mine up for a while as well as the extra year pins that I have with no bids.
  6. More for my international collection

    Finally got something out of a Coinstar (actually this was some other brand) that wasn't just a grungy zincoln or sticky coin. There were 15 $1 car wash tokens and now I just need to find the car wash that uses them. There was also 10 real coins. Mostly foreign (UK, Bahamas, Hungary, Uruguay...
  7. Congressional Pin

    They have these for a number of denominations. I have seen them for the Lutherans and I have a bunch for the "Reformed" church that I got in a lot of religious medals. Some of mine are part of the "Little's Cross and Crown System" and some are gold filled.
  8. Post your $1 (or less) Finds Here w/ Sold For Prices

    Over the past couple months I have picked up a few lots of music CDs at auction for between $.10 and $.25 per CD. I pulled out the ones that I wanted and tried to figure out how to get rid of the rest. Most were classical and seemed to have no value, but I found about a dozen that looked like...
  9. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Key ID help please

    Thanks. The brass? has me a little puzzled since wouldn't it be too soft for use in a big lock?
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Key ID help please

    Thanks for the input. I guess I didn't see that one because I was search for brass ones.
  11. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Key ID help please

    I got this key in a box lot from an auction a while back and would love to know more about it. I am guessing that it is brass or bronze. It is 6 1/4 inches long and weighs 13.8 ounces. I am thinking something along the lines of a jail key, but I can't find any pictures like it.
  12. Is this ring silver or not?

    Thanks for the input. I was pretty sure that it wasn't, but I still like the ring and I got it cheap enough.
  13. Is this ring silver or not?

    I picked this neat ring up for a couple bucks and it was advertised as "silvertone", however, it does have a mark inside as well as some possible corrosion. Doesn't really feel like silver. What say the masses?
  14. Thought I might have hit the jackpot

    Sorry for putting this here, but there is no "Auction Finds" sub-forum. Lately, I have been picking up odd boxes of stuff from local auctions for dirt cheap prices. I am currently going through the last three boxes that I picked up for a total of under $10. Going through one of them I thought...
  15. need help identifying found ring

    Was this found in the US or another country? Is it possible, judging from the design being carved into the ring, that it was a seal of some sort?
  16. Hidden items.

    I know that my local Goodwill did not allow employees to shop in the store. I don't know why people do now. Their used t-shirts are $5.99 and you can go to the Walmart, that you can see from the Goodwill, and find all sorts of nice, new shirts for less than that.
  17. The 90 foot stone... The evidence (or lack of)

    Okay. So I was not the only one confused when trying to figure out how they went from one to the other.
  18. The 90 foot stone... The evidence (or lack of)

    I realize that some people may feel that the comment I am going to make is nit-picky, but I believe that it is important. While I have not read every thread and post here, I get the impression that you have done a lot of research and work related to Oak Island and other treasure tales. However...
  19. I am a real scrapper now.

    I would love to do stuff like that but you need to have the space to be able to devote to storing it until you have enough to take in to make it worth it.