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  1. Cool discovery while working !

    Found some interesting things over the years and one that comes to mind is lion coffee cards that were early 1900s they looked like baseball cards at first but had a governor of one state and a very large lady with mrs fat under her picture. Some other bottles and one tin on top of a foundation...
  2. Cool discovery while working !

    Once in a basement that had thick stone foundation walls I started looking in between the floor joist bays on top of the foundation and found a tin sign sarsaparilla best blood purifier and a druggist bottle 1900s style and a heartbreaker of an empty cigar box
  3. A Wet Yard Hunt in Florida

    Very nice. I bet you were stoked
  4. Hurricane gone????

    Good luck you never know what could be buried under roots that people gave up on digging out or what could be exposed
  5. Today was a good day! 😎

    One sweet coin and in awesome shape and my best part is learning the history of finds that I make
  6. Cool discovery while working !

    CWas wiring an old house near the square of Carlisle pa and as I removed a Piece of wooden lath out of my way out jumped a small bottle to my surprise and I took it over to the light and wiped the dirt off it I could see it was embossed with Roussel liquid hair dye and had part of the stopper in...
  7. Hunting along the old route of the Susquehanna Turnpike

    Kg 3 .. Connecticut copper .. Hibernia .. drape bust pretty good finds the kg3 is in wonderful shape
  8. 💥🔥Hammered coin around 1730💥🔥

    Very nice ground looks tough to dig there . It would be a hard find where I live but not impossible!
  9. 19th C. Stoneware: Hand-Thrown Chicken Waterer

    By god you never know what’s next you pull out into the light of day again chicken 🐔 watering jug very clever devise for busy farmers back in the day .. looks like you found a good spot !
  10. I was SHOCKED to see this come out!!

    How awesome being in Cumberland valley I find all kinds of military buttons never any confederate my oldest is a great coat button 1820 thought I missed two At a permission that were early 1800s. My favorite was a dragoon button that two other people I was with hunted the area and I waited till...
  11. Had a pretty good day yesterday.

    Flipping threw your pics my hart stopped on what I thought was a chain cent reverse .. wonderful finds I’m truly envious a little
  12. Deere compact

    Kinda cool is an understatement that is a cool piece to find with the design
  13. Low mintage 1811 capped dime large cent and more

    That is a rare coin to find and such wonderful shape it’s in it hurts to see some damage on the shield 🛡 on such a fine coin. Doubt another will be dug up in a long time close to yours
  14. Oddities Found at the Colonial Farm

    I am from Franklin county cool finds I’ll check out some vids of yours on u tube .
  15. 126 coins in one hole

    Hole in one !!!!
  16. Another thin river trime and a nice pewter button

    Ahh toasted you always seem to bring the goods to the table and have made me jealous with some of your super early finds .. thanks for sharing .. I know of one USA rev war button found near me and would love to save one .
  17. Sweet kg3

    I found this beautiful coin on a 1776 farm property that has a spring end on it and goes back underground . It was near an old Indian trail now a road and was near a tavern that George Washington camped at during the whisky rebellion . It was deep 10inches and almost didn’t dig the slight blip...