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  1. artifact repair

    Wondering what/if I should do anything with an artifact that has a hairline crack around it. Sometimes doing nothing is the best policy. Sometimes prevention works, too... Any suggestions? The piece isn't broken, the crack itself is smooth.
  2. Hefty Maul Find

    I found this yesterday coming out of a stream bank. I've got a serious technical question: there looks to be a crack line running at an angle around it. I'm not wanting to be the guy who breaks it. NOT SURE what to do. Any suggestions?
  3. Yes or No? artifact or not?

    Same old game. . . whaddya think? Is this a hunk of tradable flint? is it something else? is it just a handsome chunk of rock?
  4. Just odd stuff. Tell me what you think

    weird rock another weird rock, found by small river, boat scrapes?
  5. My HUGE deal. . . oh, yeah!

    I'm a tennis player and a squash player. I used to scout out for tennis racquets. Not because I wanted to re-sell them, but because I'd like to own some of the earlier graphite frames, some classic graphite. Listed at was a bunch of squash racquets, protective glasses...
  6. Flint samples for ToddsPoint

    To me, this looks like a hunk of flint from which smaller pieces, a fair number, were hacked, and not just the result of hard knocks here and there. Found in a stream bed at a geological level where flint nodules should be expected to be found. another shot of the same, different angle: A...
  7. Illinois flint bits

    First shot: overview of three flint items found in North Central Illinois. (My impression is that this field has been picked over for lithic for generations now). The upper two are debit age, the bottom one. . . well, I don't know. Help is welcome. It is rounded, scoop like flint. Sharp edges...
  8. For Sixeight

    placed here; message system required third party hosting service.
  9. No Nuts for 5,000 years!

    Found this large ten-pound nutting stone, N. Illinois, over the past weekend. Internet says this kind of artifact dates from the Archaic. Is this true? Strange thing to me is that there's no good balance point to it; it doesn't sit flat. Found in the stream side.
  10. Why collect Wheaties?

    I've picked them out of change and have a good many, but I have no reason to keep them. A used Wheatie is worth, what, about 0ne and a half cents----should I luck upon someone willing to pay! I just don't get it.
  11. interesting bit of debitage

    Some interesting color. Large chip.
  12. Dinosaur poop

    Kayaking yesterday, found this in a carboniferous/Pennsylvanian era location. . . shale, lignite, mud rock.
  13. Big Old Grinder???

    Went kayaking on Sunday afternoon and came back with this lump. What do you think? the base is flat and scratched up; hard rock surface kind of bumply. I"m guessing it's a tool of some kind, but don't know exactly. Grinder? What do you think this is?
  14. Where did you find your axe?

    I like being outdoors and hike, etc. Lately, about the past year, I've kept an eye out for lithics. Found a quartzite scraper end and a pottery sherd in a creek; good creekstomping expedition. What I'd like to find out there is an axe head. Where did you find yours? what was the setting?
  15. Flint core?

    Is this piece of flint something that someone once picked up and hacked out useful rock? Most of it has the natural outer covering, but there are hacks and chip outs and I'm wondering if this was the source for arrowhead flint.
  16. Piece of flint---worked?

    /Users/toddvolker/Downloads/IMG_0373.JPG /Users/toddvolker/Downloads/IMG_0371.JPG /Users/toddvolker/Downloads/IMG_0370.JPG /Users/toddvolker/Downloads/IMG_0369.JPG /Users/toddvolker/Downloads/IMG_0368.JPG
  17. Please help ID! :)

    Can you suggest what this may be? Several photos here of the same rock/fossil/thing, top and bottom.
  18. Bit of Debitage

    take a look:
  19. How DO you do it?!?!

    OK. I found a nice artifact last spring and I'd get a real kick if I could find another one. Here's my question: Let's say there's a piece of property you'd like to hunt on. . . do you just find a time and waltz out there? Or do you look up the property owner and ask permission? Or do you do...
  20. help figure this out. . . how old? what kind of tool?

    An Illinois find: looks like a hand chopper or hand axe. What do you think? Any guesses on age? era?