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  1. Fantastic farm field finds cont'd

    Back out in the farm field. Lead day :) Plus, a ring, and a button. There's a Williams cleaner bullet. Then we have the three threaded ones. I've dug dozens and dozens of bullets, but never threaded in the tip. Anybody know what THAT'S all about? And that ring, it was cut, sized, and...
  2. ✅ SOLVED What's it?

    A 'spiked' ring? A 'flattened' button? (pic w/coin to show size), a finely machined 'hooked' part, likely brass/bronze, chromed at one time?
  3. Fabulous Farm Field Finds

    The stuff in the black case/box has been found over the past 2 weeks. There's an item above the old hinge, it's shaped kind of like a nail file. It has a measuring scale from 1 to 6 on it, but it's NOT inches. I have no idea what it is. Also, the nice hooped piece of brass above the buckles and...
  4. AT Pro $178.97 repair PLUS Shipping

    So my AT Pro is out of warranty. Uhhhhh, yeah, it's my normal luck. Garrett has the control housing, along with 2 coils, and headphones. It cost me $25 bucks to ship it to them, and they quoted me a $178.97 to repair. (not sure at this point if that includes shipping back to me or not) They say...