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  1. Electrowinning

    I've been kicking an idea on this around amd finally got a chance to sit down and talk to my little brother about it. He's s the sparky so he should know. So everyone has probably seen the videos on Boobtube about rewinding microwave oven transformers. Well, it pretty much works the same...
  2. Why I hate doing business with AMERICAN companies

    So I have the design of a jaw crusher finalized amdni called a few companies for parts I can't make yet such as manganese jaw plates and cheek plates. These are a very simple design and should be easy to make. Here it is two weeks later amd i have got nothing but excuses and stupidly high...
  3. US District Court upholds miner's right to explore

    Everyone needs to read this!!! Some are out there fighting tooth and nail...
  4. COVID-19 info

    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - CORONAVIRUS Last evening dining out with friends, one of their uncles, who's graduated with a master's degree and who worked in Shenzhen Hospital (Guangdong Province, China) sent him the following notes on Coronavirus for guidance: 1. If you have a runny nose and sputum...
  5. Ya'll remember when I said the future was in smaller mines?

    Here ya go.
  6. Processing Galena and other lead-zinc based sulfide ores

    I'm gonna start this off with saying whoever voted to close the Bureau of Mines needs some very bad things done to them where the sun don't shine. In order to do this, one is going to have to play with a few rather nasty substances, but if the proper precautions are taken this is no different...
  7. Wilfley table plans

    Pretty much enough here for the average skilled person to build a shaker table. Only thing I would do different is instead of using California red pine for the decking, I would use Baltic Birch plywood. It is waterproof and dimensionally stable...
  8. This is why you get your ore tested And they said the geology in Arizona wasn't right for rare earth metals. Get your ore tested with an XRF for rare earth metals. This is the only way I know of so if someone else knows of something different...
  9. Edumine

    I know I posted this here before but here it is again. Edumine - Professional Development and Training for Mining An educated miner is a wealthy miner. All of this is made available to me through Freeport and I have taken advantage of it.
  10. The new Olesi 4 I am not affiliated with them in anyway just thought some of you might find this useful. Price point right $650 weighs 60 pounds and will do 300 pounds per hour. Also available in 110 volt or 12 volt.
  11. A little more for the small operator.

    I am pretty damn sure I have figured out how to get a small guy operating for less than what most of us have paid for our houses. I talked to Pat Keene earlier today about his RC812DR. For those who don't know this is basically an 8x12 haw crusher mounted on top of two roller crusher stacked...
  12. Aces and Eights Mine.....our project

    Not all those old holes are worthless. Especially when todays technology is applied.
  13. Recovering lead and Elemental sulfur from galena

    Whoever shut down the Bureau Of Mines needs crucified. For all the crying about sulfur dioxide and lead emissions from smelters a solution was found. And it is still available...
  14. Clay, what d oyou make of this?
  15. More drone hunting

    This time with artifacts .
  16. Wolverine Mine, First Drift Level

    Like it says, the gold rush still exists but your gonna have to work for it.
  17. Exploring the Silver Tree Mine

  18. Mine hunting with a drone

    New video for ya all.
  19. President Trump signs Executive Order to increase mining

    For critical and strategic metals.
  20. visible gold new video