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  1. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER CS tongue found today!!!!!!!

    WTG Matt! That is awsome!
  2. My Fall Relic Rescue Finds

    I had a great time at both the fall RR hunts, I wasn't lucky enough to find one of the many plates found at the first hunt but I managed some nice relics. The second hunt I did better, got into a fire pit that had some great color, it was a Cavalry camp and I found a curry comb handle, I think a...
  3. Great Fall Relic Rescue Hunts

    Great finds Ray! Congrates on the New G2 detector.
  4. Fall Relic Rescue Finds!

    Great finds Chris! It's about time you got the plate monkey off your back....:hello2:
  5. Fall Relic Rescue Finds

    Nice finds Matt! Hope to see you in the spring.
  6. Finds from 2013 fall Relic Rescue hunts

    Great finds James! Keep us posted on the spring hunt!
  7. star based pistol bullet ID?

    I found this little bullet and noticed when I was cleaning it that it has a star on the base. Is it from the Washington arsenal? Are they rare, this is the first one I've found? Thanks
  8. See What The Left Behind - Carved Bullet?

    Good Finds Richard. I like the carved bullet/finial. I have been waiting on the corn cutting as well, seems like the wet weather earlier changed the harvest times a bit.
  9. Had two shaler bullets

    Wow that stinks! I have thought about that very thing happening when I put something in my pocket. I hope you can "Refind" them :sad7: they are cool bullets!
  10. Rifle pit finds...

    Nice finds HSD! I have made a few trips to Stafford this year and found a few "common" relics. In another 5 years you won't have anyplace to dig relics... there are sub divisions every where, I hated to see that. I hope to get back soon and try my luck again.
  11. Miscellaneous Hunts From 2013 **VIDEO - LIVE DIGS**

    Great video Richard! Nice Finds! That river bend looked
  12. Finally got out and got some Lead!!

    About time you did some diggin. :laughing7: Congrats on your Firsts! Nice finds! I'm with you on wanting some cooler weather...ugh
  13. The 69 pit explodes w/ signals again!

    Love those Big 69's!
  14. Todays CW digs.

    Nice Digs Jdug!
  15. Got a GA button today!!!

    No the shank is missing and the back is pushed in some but the front appears to have the original shape.
  16. Got a GA button today!!!

    I can't make out the back mark, there is something there but I can't read it. What are the different back marks it could be maybe I can narrow it down. Thanks for the info!
  17. Got a GA button today!!!

    No I don't right now, not sure how to find out.