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  1. Is it legal to prospect or not?

    I have various maps and locations I would like to prospect for gold at, particularly Randsburg, Kern county, San Bernardino county, and a various other places in social. At first I was pretty excited because I had all these new locations that look very promising. But when I go to databases that...
  2. Am I beach metal detecting wrong?

    I use my equinox 800 pretty regularly on beaches in Southern California including Malibu, Coronado, and everything in between but I've only been finding coins and trash despite detecting in a wavy pattern where I go down to the water, then go up above the towel line and back down and I do that...
  3. Is everywhere in the keysville recreational mining area good for prospecting?

    Or are there a few specific areas that are better for panning/detecting than others?
  4. Where to metal detect in California for Gold nuggets or artifacts in like ghost towns and old settlements etc.

    I've been beach detecting for a couple years now but im looking to expand my search so anyone have any tips where I can go. Anywhere in california works for me. Thanks
  5. New Mexico metal detecting

    I've been doing a bit of research but it's not been easy to find places to metal detect in New Mexico. Anyone have any locations they like metal detecting at for military, old coins, or just anything pre 1960. Anything would help