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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Hooded man holding some playing cards or fan?

    Hard to tell, does it have a passage top/bottom? Could be a decorative bottle stopper/pourer. Also....kinda looks like the ZigZag man! 😂
  2. Simplex+ vs Nokta Pointer

    I wasn't sure what Nokta Pointer you have, but, if it's the PulseDive this could be handy to you or others: FREQUENCY SHIFT It is used to prevent the device from interfering with other detectors nearby. To shift the frequency, press the on-off button while holding the (F) button pressed down...
  3. WW2 Dog Tag Found in Fox hole on Guam. Help me build a profile.

    Ammoman - Any news or update?
  4. Megan Foxs lost engagement ring

    Lost at the Four Seasons Hualalai Hotel in Hawaii (the Big Island). Just saw this was in 2010...carry on....
  5. Seiko Kinetic

    On my Seiko Kenetic Divers I have to wind it A WHILE if the charge goes down. After that, with daily wearing, when I push the button by 2 o'clock the second hand spins out 30 seconds indicating 6 month charge. The next morning I push it in and it only moves 10 seconds. My capacitor is toast...
  6. i think i may have scored a rolex today

    Great find! That would be one store to keep going back to! Russ
  7. WW2 Dog Tag Found in Fox hole on Guam. Help me build a profile.

    Here's a thought: If anyone is near the Zarchary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery, perhaps they'd let you see the OQMG Form 315. On page 1, post #5 there is an interment card that specifies this form was returned buy next of kin. The OQMG (Office of the Quarter Master General) Form 315 would have some...
  8. Lost 1958 West Point Graduation Ring...

    Just saw the original post was from Sept 2020.
  9. Lost 1958 West Point Graduation Ring...

    Contact West Point and tell the story and that you want to get a replacement for your Dad. True, may not be the same as the original, but, if the original WAS lost at an Arby's or in the men's room, it's gone. I'm sure there are some hoops to go through, but I imagine it would make for a great...
  10. WW2 Dog Tag Found in Fox hole on Guam. Help me build a profile.

    Another possible source of info: Gallatin County Historical Society Russ
  11. WW2 Dog Tag Found in Fox hole on Guam. Help me build a profile.

    Here is his headstone. The 3rd Marine Regiment (infantry), 3rd Marine Division Maybe a group of vets still active and possible info. Gallatin County News is the newspaper of Warsaw, KY. Maybe contact a reporter there, Bourbon and/or Louisville? Great feel-good story just waiting to hit...
  12. Drakes Landing

    I know this is an old posting, but, there's tons of info on the current Drakes Bay in Marin County from a group here. They continue to do research and have quite a bit of info here: There is a lot of information there, including a...
  13. Major Metal Detecting Find – Silver Alligator Capped Tooth

    Think this is a very cool find! Unique and definitely looks old. BANNER!
  14. My AWESOME find today (not really)

    It does look like a fly swatter! HA!
  15. My AWESOME find today (not really)

    My AWESOME find today (sorta) So I bought a "new to me" White's MXT Tracker E-series. In getting it dialed in and knowing the controls, I opted to scatter some targets on my backyard lawn. I found all the targets, then, got a huge hit away from my targets. The MXT showed IRON, RING, 50 CENT...
  16. Possibly getting a Whites MXT Tracker

    Thanks! It checked out well and is in very good shape. Very happy with the MXT. Russ
  17. Lost 1953 class ring CO

    If you know the company that made it (like Jostens) you may be able to get a one off made for her, then inscribe it. Contact the school and see if they, or former secretary (they know everything), know the company. Not many out there and its probably under $100 to get a re-do. Inscribing...
  18. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Buried silver cache found

    Epic story and find! Congrats!! :notworthy:
  19. Possibly getting a Whites MXT Tracker

    My brothers neighbor has a White's MXT Tracker E-series. Wants about $200. Is this a decent price? Condition is great, not used much, injury forced sale. I've looked at several video reviews and feel I can test it out. Anything to watch for, be aware of? Thanks for all advise! Russ