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  1. Tony Eisenhower waterproof headphones

    How can I get in touch with Tony?
  2. Ethics Question ?

    You have absolutely no idea how much aluminum trash gets tossed out of car windows. Add in bruch hogs mowing and chopping all that aluminum into can slaw. Sheeze. I can not begin to imagine the amount of trash targets you are going to encounter. You may need a year to dig all the targets that...
  3. First Deus II beach spin

    First, I can tell you that I have found nickels at 14" on a 90 sensitivity Second, bump up reactivity to 1.5 or 2. This will quiet the machine down so that you will pass the coil near your scoop just to make sure that it is on. Third, you should be able to back off salt sensitivity to 5 with...
  4. Need help from Canadian hunter!

    I am attempting to purchase a White's battery holder, P/N 802-7150. Canadian Treasure Seekers has one in stock, but due to supplier contracts can not ship to US. I hope to find a fellow hunter from Canada that is willing to purchase and send this battery tray to me. I will, of course, reimburse...
  5. My battery box mod TDI Beach Hunter

    Are there any Canadian friends out there that can assist me in purchasing a battery case from Canadian Treasure seekers? They have a rule that they can not ship to the USA.
  6. My battery box mod TDI Beach Hunter

    What is the part number of the standard battery case. I have been searching and can not find it anywhere.
  7. Scarce King's Mountain Military School (Academy) Button!!!

    How pounded is the site. I have permission to hunt the full 88 acres and am thinking about planning a trip this spring.