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  1. Little something from the original Americans

    Cool ! Good eye to find them little ones...
  2. Took a walk on some old ground.

    Nice point for sure- What is the stone? A weight? Scraper at bottom of first pic ?
  3. Quartz point

    Cool little quartz point for sure. What exactly is a shell hammer? Is it petrified somehow.... shells break down over time in nature, yeah?
  4. 10 minute walk…

    Beauty !!!!!
  5. Eastern Oregon pestle? and a bonus half point!

    Agreed a quick search of "effigy pestle" and I think you'll see similar- crazy find right there! Point base is a heartbreaker- looks like agate to me....maybe
  6. Couple more Artifacts

    Wow man- finds of a lifetime right there !!
  7. Never found an arrowhead like this one!

    Thats a really cool point. maybe this will help ID?
  8. Road trippin!

    Gotta love Arizona. Great stuff !
  9. Recent SC finds

    Cool stuff ! man they must've been real desperate for material to use quartz. What's the large piece under the celt?
  10. Is this a native American artifact?

    Similar design to some incense holders in the google search. Curled tail like that... A fancy boat coat hook? Maybe it was mounted on a bong or something... I dunno. :santasmile:
  11. Dec 18 2021 The hunt for the elusive hardstone

    Awesome post- thanks for putting it up. Great finds all, but that axe is way cool !! Congrats!
  12. Is this a native American artifact?

    Weird. with the flaking paint, maybe some sort of boat decorative thing?
  13. Stone tool with fossils/quartz?

    I think the white round one with the red "stitching" pattern may, in fact, be man made. ;)
  14. An odd one

    Those are crazy! Wow.
  15. My best not-a-fact to date!

    not-a-fact hall of fame
  16. Southern New Mexico and very far west Texas

    Zooming in on the bead picture. Those are awesome. Man I haven't heard of someone finding a bead in a long time.... unless I missed it
  17. Never Seen Anything Like It!

    Strange indeed. definitely cool IMHO the second picture it looks like one side is more recently worked than the other. Maybe? I'd have to find that myself to believe it.
  18. Hammerstone?

    Looks like a thing to me. I guess it would all depend on where it was found....
  19. This is just crazy amount of Spanish gold!

    100% totally makes sense... especially considering the time something like a gold coin would have to work it's way deeper than pretty much anything else.. My mom live out on the Washington coast and 100 year old houses are falling into the ocean. The beach front ones fell in 50 years...