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  1. My AWESOME find today (not really)

    My AWESOME find today (sorta) So I bought a "new to me" White's MXT Tracker E-series. In getting it dialed in and knowing the controls, I opted to scatter some targets on my backyard lawn. I found all the targets, then, got a huge hit away from my targets. The MXT showed IRON, RING, 50 CENT...
  2. Possibly getting a Whites MXT Tracker

    My brothers neighbor has a White's MXT Tracker E-series. Wants about $200. Is this a decent price? Condition is great, not used much, injury forced sale. I've looked at several video reviews and feel I can test it out. Anything to watch for, be aware of? Thanks for all advise! Russ
  3. Hello from Northern CA

    Great forum! I really enjoy reading the stories of awesome finds, old coins, lost rings and stuff found and returned and legends of stuff still waiting out there. I got into MDing back in 1976 when I was 13 or so and my family was out in Massachusetts for the summer. I had a beat up Treasure...