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    New gold show started this week. Its on the FOX News Business channel so i figure not many saw it. Its being filmed at Bear Gulch Montana. Hard rock Mining. Honestly it was a little boring... Needs some Todd Hoffman drama, LOL
  2. Here we go again!

    Welp, now the Auburn State rec area is on fire and closed.... Ya know....even a simple man could figure this out. Priorities...if you weren't to busy chasing people with needles and doing what you were actually elected to do. Maybe people and businesses wouldn't be fleeing the state like...
  3. Fire..

    The town of Colfax and the Bear river are on fire....looks like the campground was spared over night but zero containment....
  4. The Unexplained

    The show on the History Channel has an episode dedicated to gold tonight. Looks interesting we shall see..
  5. Prospector

    Prospector Often I think ‘bout those who first came In hopes of working land yet untamed The earth was good, the grass was green Cowboys, farmers, and loggers were keen Still, rumors of riches and wealth untold Brought others to seek their fortune, in gold And treasure was found, yes...
  6. 1600

    bout time!
  7. Cape Dissapointment.

    I'm thinking of planing a trip. Probably a 3 day weekend deal. Coming from Sacramento. What would be the ideal month to plan the trip, where one would be most likely to have favorable conditions??? Thanks
  8. Silver Spot

  9. Dying for attention

    I wonder how many people die each year in selfie related accidents? I've read several just in the last couple months.. Last night at no hands bridge in Auburn. Look honey no han..hands.aaaaa, splash, gurgle goodbye
  10. Tank of Gold
  11. Choked out a lion
  12. 110 to 12v

    I would never make it as an electrician. how does everyone run there 12v stuff at home? All battery or is there a decent converter out there. Everything I see online is for cell phones etc. I want to be able to run the pump for my blue bowl straight from the 110 outlet. help
  13. Watch your Six

    Yesterday a report of a mountain lion attack. Man stumbled across You Bet Rd with a slash to the neck. A car stopped to help and the man indicated he was attacked by a lion and kept pointing into the woods. Today authorities stated the wound was made by a human and are serving a search warrant...
  14. Free Coin Machines near Sacramento Ca?

    I was just wondering if anybody knows of any banks with free machines near Sacramento CA. Thanks
  15. Grizzley Gold Trap is out of business
  16. Gentelman start your engines!!!

    Facebook post from AMRA today. They seem confident we will be dredging in Ca next year!!!!
  17. Grizzly Gold Trap Nugget Model

    Hey does anyone have a video of the Nugget model being fed material? I searched but am only seeing the explorer model in action
  18. Russian Fort Knox

    Some nice eye candy
  19. Three Queens Mine

    Is for sale again. I guess the last guy never got er opened up. Anyone want to lend me 299,999.00? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  20. Distress call!

    Man, i dont know about everybody else but im getting stressed out an depressed over all this crap thats been going on. You cant get away from it either. Its everywhere you look. I cant watch the news, i cant watch sports, yet thats all i want to do... I dont want this to turn into a discusion...