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  1. New from Minelab

    So, who's got info on this? (zoom in on the pic and you can get a little peek)
  2. Legend Enroute

    Just got my email from Bart at Big Boys Hobbies. My Legend has shipped. Looking out for the big brown truck this week. Thanks Bart.
  3. Carry bag or case

    What is the best case or carry bag for the Equinox? Should I just get the black minelab bag?
  4. Warranty Registration

    I'm registering my new Nox 800. I've registered the serial number for the Control unit, Coil, and the Wireless module. I can't find the Serial Number for the ML80 headphones. Where is it located?
  5. New to Nox

    I'd been resisting the urge to order a Nox due to build quality complaints from others. Well, I just ordered a Nox 800. Tell me. When I put it together for the first time, should I put a coil ear stiffener on it? Anything else that I should do? If so, what are the best parts to use?
  6. Treasure Coast FL

    I'm planning a trip to Treasure Coast in March. What's the story on those beaches right now? Has there been a bunch of Beach Renourishment going on there? Any pointers on where I'd stand a chance with my detector would be great.
  7. Nokta Legend

    Any thoughts on the launch of the new "Legend"?
  8. SanMan

    Anyone heard from SanMan lately? I was messaging back and forth with him recently but he didn't reply to my last contact about a month ago or one more recently. That's ok and all but I think he's a good guy and just hope all is well.
  9. Florida Metal Detecting Permit

    This comment was on another thread posted in the Metal Detecting Forum. I'm in Florida and hadn't heard of a Metal Detecting Permit. Is this something for a specific area or is it statewide? When is it required?
  10. Excalibur Charger

    I just received a brand new Excalibur II. Because of what I'd read in the forums, I separately ordered a smart charger for it. To my surprise, my new Excalibur came with a smart charger from Minelab. (Unless Bart replaced the charger before shipping without telling me) Oh, well. Now I have a...
  11. Forum question

    If I go to the Minelab, Excalibur forum, I get a total of 31 threads going back to 2018. Surely, there should have been Excalibur threads long before 2018. Is there a way to see older threads?
  12. Bart

    So, I wanted an Excalibur II. At 1:30 I'm talking to Bart at Big Boys Hobbies and by 2:30 he already sent me my tracking number. (He twisted my arm folks) Couldn't beat his price, Can't beat that shipping speed. Things are looking good and I'm glad I contacted Bart at
  13. Anything new?

    Any news or rumors about any new Detectors coming out this year from any maker?
  14. Classifieds

    I just wanted to drop a quick note. If you guys ever have an opportunity to complete a transaction with SanMan, do it! My recent transaction with him has been the most pleasant I've experienced from any forum. Great Guy
  15. Gary Drayton's books

    I ordered one of Gary's books on Saturday and I have it in my hand already (Monday) Can't ask for faster service than that. That is all. Off to read.
  16. ❎ SOLD Minelab Sovereign

    Want to get back into the hobby and used to have a Sovereign. Anybody have a good deal for me?
  17. Tesoro for Field hunting

    I think I want to buy a Tesoro for Field hunting rather than lugging my Excalibur around. Its great at the beach but seems to get heavy fast when I'm starting out on a large field. So, I want something Light while searching for Coins/Jewelry/Relics. I don't really care for lots of settings...
  18. Excalibur Discrimination

    I need a little help understanding Discrimination. Does anyone use an Excalibur for Field or Park hunts? What is the best way to use the Discriminate feature so I dig less nails/foil and still have a shot at Coins and such?
  19. Old Farm Property

    Tomorrow, I have permission to detect on about 100 acres that has been an active Hay Farm since at least 1903. I typically only hunt at the beach so would love any tips for searching this type of property. Also, would it be better to spend time detecting the field or around the perimeter...
  20. Long Shot, Lost Wedding Ring

    I know its a long shot but I Lost My wedding ring a few years ago. Its a White Gold 10k Mans wedding ring with an inscription, "por tous jours" It may have been lost anywhere from Fernandina Beach to St Augustine Beach, Florida. If you came upon it and its been sold for scrap, I'd still like...