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  1. Switching from Good Wheel

    Hey all, I’m thinking I want to switch up from using my gold wheel for separating out sands and whatnot. I use a good cube for all my mining, then usually my wheel, but my wheel is broken and it’s turning into more of a project than I’d like. I’m also not to keen on it. Any suggestions I should...
  2. Gold Cube Tubing

    I don't mean like 10 feet longer. Just maybe a foot or so. I have a stronger pump as well. Didn't think of Ace! Thanks!
  3. Gold Cube Tubing

    Hey All, I'd assume that the cube would go under the sluicing category. I wanted to upgrade my hose to a more flexible and durable hose. Maybe a longer one as well. Anyone ever upgraded their hosing?
  4. Blue wheel repair

    Progress! New on/off switch, new plugs, and new fuse thingy. Just waiting on the motor to get here in a few days and I’ll have all the new pieces!
  5. Hiking boots recommendations?

    Not sure if this helps, but when I hunt, I wear Schnee's. I hunt (like animals, not gold) all over Alaska from the tundra to the mountains and they're fantastic. Waterproof and strong. I don't wear them while mining because I'm a super snob when it comes to my hunting gear. lol. They're fairly...
  6. Blue wheel repair

    Parts are cleaning up nicely! Got all new plugs/fuse assembly/wiring/connectors/hardware/etc in the mail. Gearbox was just fine, so I just need to replace the motor, which is cheap. Most of the rust has been cleaned off. Steady as she goes!
  7. Blue wheel repair

    I did! Gearbox was fine. New motor is like $10. $10 is much more affordable than $150. I dug deeper into it and took it all apart. Just haven’t updated this post just yet.
  8. Blue wheel repair

    I did the same. And searched the model number/manufacturer. I found some very similar. Just concerned with the speed. I don’t want one that geared different and spins like a helicopter rotor.
  9. Blue wheel repair

    Okay I think the motor is a tad too rusted. I’m not too knowledgeable when it comes to electricity. Can anyone help me find this motor and/or gear box? I have all the other replacement parts ready to roll.
  10. Blue wheel repair

    Decided to open her up today. Quite a bit of rust. Might need to replace the on/off switch as well as the motor. But I’m letting stuff soak in vinegar for now then going to buff it all out and see what works and what doesn’t. Got new battery clips and a bunch of new nuts and bolts to replace the...
  11. Blue wheel repair

    What do you think about the rest removal?
  12. Blue wheel repair

    Hello, I just recently got my blue gold wheel back from my ex wife, who left it outside (filled with rain) then froze up all winter long. It didn't have a lid on it. Is this beyond repair/replacing parts? Should I just get a new one? Thanks!
  13. New Tool in the Tool Box

    Good lord. I need to get me one of these!
  14. New to shipwrecks

    I saw it. There’s plenty not on the website or internet that I know as well.
  15. New to shipwrecks

    Well it depends. I’m assuming you’ve got resources seeing as your name is “AdakIan”. So you must have some sort of connection to Adak.
  16. New to shipwrecks

    I’m curious as to what you know and how you got the info.
  17. I need help to prospect gold containing mountain

    With a gold pan... Pretty sure that unless your GPS has x-ray vision, it won't help you find gold rich veins. Or else everyone in the world would have already found every last possible vein.
  18. Older Magazine Directory

    Is there a place to look up the old treasure magazine articles? I have the membership to Western + Eastern, but it only goes back as far as 09. I'm looking for 80's/90's.
  19. Found a rusty knife

    Is there any way to date a knife like this?
  20. New to shipwrecks

    They were buried a ways from the water. So that is t a problem. The real problem is that they built a military base on top of where some of the coins have been found.