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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED is it a quartz?

    Hello. We found this stone it weighs 250gms dimensions 6cm by 7cm by 9 cm.When exposed to sun rays it gives rainbow colors. What is this?
  2. What is it?

    We have dug and found this big gem.we think its a diamond.its length is 10cm.width 8cm and it weighs 100gm.can someone tell us what's it?
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What gem is this?

    We have found this gem.we don't know if it's a diamond or weights 100gms length 10cm width 8cm height 4cm.please tell us what is this.

    Hello to all. We are excavating hidden treasure at Shinyanga Tanzania,a former German colony. We found a boulder with markers. After digging the entry way we found markers with pointers. We dug and at 240 cm we found a tunnel. We excavated sand which is itching and causes coughing (we believe...
  5. hidden objects

    Hello to all.under ground 12 foot we found these 3 years ago. We have been trying to find out what are these but in vain. Please someone there help us identify these objects and find buyers. Thanks.
  6. markers found on site

    HELLO. We have found markers and pointer within a boulder were hidden stairs. Can someone assist us to locate and identify codes on a pot like shaped boulder. what those arrows represent and what do we do to open up a doorway in a bolder. Thank you in advance.

    We have found this quartz like stone weighing 278gms. When tested locally it reveals diamond properties that is it cuts glass and condesses milk. When reading books it looked like aa anglesite, Can experts on minerals and rocks tell us what is this stone? Thank you.
  8. A conteir

    We have found a container weighs 1000gm with a mark and writtings on it.A man wearing an iron helmet with a bird on one side and writtgs on the other. We want to know what is it and sell it. Please help me find buyers.
  9. a vial container

    Hello to all. We have found a bullet like sealed vial with grass.It is weight 150gm length 8cm diameter 6cm diameter. What is it?